CB Radio and the cycles of seven years it is coming up!

In cycles of seven years, sun spot conditions allow CB radio signals to be reflected off the ionosphere and travel throughout the world. The sun is about to cause a worldwide “skip cycle.” For the next seven years an operator in California will be able to communicate with the East Coast and on some occasions, Europe. With Japan, Australia and the Pacific rim countries, communications will be regular. There are thousands of operators in these countries anxious for the “skip” to roll in so they can have this broad new contact. When the sun stops its explosion cycle there will be seven years of relative quiet, where signals stay local. Skip time is exciting for the long-range aficionados.

It’s midnight in a motor home out West, and the driver, attempting to stay awake, is able to chat with a fellow operator in Queensland, Australia. The CB not only provides a means of communication, but can offer a bit of an education on people in other countries. For some operators this is the only opportunity they will have to make such a contact. Many members of the CB community have made lifetime friends this way.

Anybody that would want to join a Club (for free) is more than welcome to join United Radio Operators - Forum

Just join up and request to be added to the clubs member list. If you have been talking skip for a while you may suggest your own numbers or request us to give you one.

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