Where did all the "Gay" Truck Drivers come from?

For the past 4 month’s I have been running back and forth across the Ohio turnpike. Everyday except for Saturday and Sunday.
I listen to the CB radio, for a while then it will start. Somebody ask a question or something will happen and then the “Gay” truck drivers show up.

I have been driving trucks for 13 years and it never was like it is now, and I just within the last couple of years really noticed it.
Is it suppose to be funny?

Because it is not a bit funny…It is downright sickening!

6 Responses to “Where did all the "Gay" Truck Drivers come from?”

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    This is nice stuff

  2. 2 Anonymous

    what’s wrong with gay truckers as long as they are doing there Job and not hurting any one every one has to have a Job and if they want to be truckers too then they have that right, there no law that says a person who is gay can’t not be truckers

  3. 3 Radioman

    Thanks for the comment. There is nothing wrong with “gay” truckers. The point of this post was that it is wrong to come on a CB Radio and talk that nasty talk. BTW, also it is a violation according to the FCC, and can/could/should come with a hefty fine. I have no problem with “gays” as long as they keep the sex part out of the conversation/public.

  4. 4 Mark

    what’s wrong with gay/bi truckers? we’re people just as much as any others!

  5. 5 Anonymous

    I have been driving for 25 yrs am gay and there is not as many guys on as there use to be alot of what u hear now is not drivers, most of us go to another channnel but alot of u guys go also to listen and harress–most are wanting to get some be are closeted and afraid to.

  6. 6 Radioman

    Thanks for commenting…You guys are taking this post the wrong way. I have said before there is nothing wrong with gay drivers. The reasoning for the post was because I don’t how many times I have been on the CB radio…and someone makes a remark in a GAY fashion. This post was not ment for the “REAL” gay drivers out there, as most do go on a different channel.

    This was ment at the drivers that blurt out on the radio wanting to get his D**ck sucked or his A$$ licked…it is just sickening.

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