2009 Operation Safe Driver Campaign results

CVSA released the results from their 2009 Operation Safe Driver campaign they held this past year during October. Drivers and their vehicles improved regarding out-of-service violations and citations during road side inspections. The results also show an increase in moving traffic violations and citations for all drivers which proves that more education is needed for both passenger and commercial vehicles.

This year’s event included 5,231 law enforcement personnel at 1,177 locations across the United States and Canada. Created in 2዇ by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) and the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) addresses the problem of improving the behavior of all drivers operating in an unsafe manner, either in or around commercial vehicles, and to take aggressive enforcement action on those exhibiting high-risk behaviors.

In a press release today Steve Keppler, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s interim executive director said, “Every day inspectors and law enforcement personnel strive to remove those “bad actors” whether they are truck, bus, or car drivers, from our roads, and while we are making progress in some areas, the data show that we still have some work to do. Law enforcement officers also are acutely aware that education is a core component of enhancing highway safety, and in this regard are being more proactive in their efforts.”

FMCSA Administrator Anne S. Ferro said, “The Operation Safe Driver Campaign reminds us that while we have seen steady progress in the areas of commercial vehicle and highway safety, there is still more we must do to promote safe driving practices. To achieve this goal, the safety enforcement, safety advocacy, and motor carrier communities must continue to work together to raise awareness and enhance enforcement so that we can ensure a high standard of road safety, reduce crashes and save lives.”

CVSA and FMCSA expanded the “Safety Blitz” this year to include a kick-off campaign held at Walt Whitman, a Washington D.C. area high school, a training course called “Teens and Trucks” focusing on the unsafe and distracted driving practices around large trucks by young car drivers was given to more thanł,000 students across the U.S. and developed by the Arizona Trucking Association, the Arizona Department of Public Safety, CVSA, FMCSA and the American Trucking Associations.

Details on the 09 Operation Safe Driver enforcement results include:

  • 30,294 CMV Roadside Inspections (5.4% resulted in the driver being placed out-of-service; 26.1% of the Level I Inspections resulted in the vehicle(s) being placed out of service. In 08, there were 32,708 inspections conducted and a driver OOS rate of 5.3%
  • For Drivers: 0.44 violations per roadside inspection (0.43 in 08); 0.08 OOS violations per roadside inspection (0.14 in 08); 0.04 citations per roadside inspection (0.08 in 08)
  • For Vehicles:1 point 12 violations per roadside inspection (0.74 in 08); 0.19 OOS violations per roadside inspection (0.38 in 08); 0.05 citations per roadside inspection (0.11 in 08)
  • 20,198 CMV Driver Traffic Enforcement Contacts: 6,887 warnings were issued (0.34 per contact); 8,067 citations were issued (0.40 per contact); In 2008, there were 16,784 contacts, which resulted in 3,247 warnings (0.19 per contact) and 6,143 citations (0.37 per contact)
  • 10,928 Non-CMV Driver Traffic Enforcement Contacts: 3,818 warnings were issued (0.35 per contact); 10,365 citations were issued (0.95 per contact); In 08, there were 11,151 contacts, which resulted in 1,808 warnings (0.16 per contact) and 8,405 citations (.75 per contact)
  • 27,903 CMV Driver License checks and 8,577 Non-CMV Driver License checks
  • 102 targeted Compliance Reviews were conducted on truck and motorcoach operations that employ the “worst of the worst” commercial drivers.  Of the reviews resulting in a safety rating (74), eighteen carriers (or 24.3%) received a Conditional Safety Rating. (compared to the national average of carriers rated Conditional in 09 was ǻ.3%); and, nine carriers (or 12.2%) received an Unsatisfactory Safety Rating. (compared to the national average of carriers rated unsatisfactory in 09 was 3.3%)

CVSA is an international not-for-profit organization comprised of local, state, provincial, territorial and federal motor carrier safety officials and industry representatives from the United States, Canada and Mexico. For more information you can go to  www.cvsa.org

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