Michigan State Police Trooper Alan Fitzpatrick said the women were heading eastbound near Litle Road when a tractor-trailer veered into their lane because the trooper was parked off the side of the highway tending to another accident.

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I have seen this all to often. Drivers of four-wheelers riding in the NO-ZONE of a tractor trailer. DON’T DO IT! Everybody needs to learn what the NO-ZONES are for a tractor trailer. This should be a requirement for Drivers education.

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I also despise reporters who write these stories, and they juice them up. This story reads as if the Tractor Trailer driver, just whipped their truck over into the other lane. I guarantee you this is NOT how it happened. I bet that the car was in the NO-ZONE and the tractor trailer driver did not see the car. The truck driver put their turn signal on and looked to see if anything was in the lane beside them. When it looked clear they went to the other lane. The car driver did what all car drivers that ride in the NO-ZONE do, tried to back out of it and the trailer ran over the car.

This truck driver was issued a ticket, because this YOUNG driver didn’t realize she was in the NO-ZONE. I wonder if this accident has taught her and her friends a lesson?