EPA approves CARB reefer rule will be effective July 17

The Environmental Protection Agency has approved California’s new limits on reefers entering and operating inside the Golden State, giving truck owners and drivers six months to prepare before enforcement will hit on July 17, 2009.

The CARB reefer rule in its entirety will be expensive for trucking businesses.

To comply with CARB’s reefer rule, reefers operating in California must meet CARB’s “in-use performance standards,” which phase in requirements every year for reefers seven years and older. For instance, if the rule is enforced in late 2009, transport refrigeration units and TRU gensets built in 2002 and earlier must meet the new standards. In 2010, 2003 and older models must meet the new standards.

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What is up with California? I mean yea it’s all good for the environment and all but geesh, this is getting a little out of hand don’t you think?
I am just so happy I do not have to go to that communist state anymore! I was out there a few years ago, and I did not leave anything out there so no need to go back!

Here is a good opportunity for someone who owns some land right on the border. You could build a big warehouse or warehouses, and all the trucks could unload here and California business’s can come and get their loads themselves!

The EPA is killing this country, but yet they will let a coal company in the east spill a billion gallons of slurry into a creek and around homes, and slap the wrist of the coal company and say, “Now don’t let this happen again”.

Come on Arnold get in the game here. You already have a stupid law that won’t allow a diesel truck to idle more than 5 minutes. Do you want to fall into the same category as Virgina?

They are communist also.

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