Truckers say Missouri roads are tough to beat, easy on the seat

If a recent trade magazine’s survey is correct, truckers’ opinions toward Missouri roadways have improved dramatically over the last few years.

Overdrive Magazine, a monthly publication serving the commercial motor carrier industry, is reporting that in its recent survey of truckers Missouri roads were ranked fifth in the nation.

Missouri trailed only Texas, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Ohio. Tennessee and Ohio tied.

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I will have to say, that Missouri roads have improved somewhat over the last few years. I am going to guess that Michigan probably has the worst. I drive in Michigan every week, I sometimes think I know every pot hole on I-75 from the Ohio line to exit 44. But then another one pops up.

I also travel RT.11 from Youngstown, OH. to East-Liverpool, OH. every week and this road was surely not part of the survey. They actually blacktopped it last summer, if that is what you want to call it. This road is chucked full of massive potholes from I-80 clear to the “river” as truckers call it. It is a stretch of highway about 50 miles long.

I can remember a few years ago I was hauling a load of train wheels to Texas on a flat bed. I took that road I-30 out of Little Rock, AK. man was that a bumpy ride. I think I stopped at least 10 times to tighten my straps back up. Is this road still rough like it was?

As far as driving in Ohio, their roads are pretty decent to me anyway. Considering the awful winters they endure there. Even up around Toledo, OH is not too bad. I run quite often RT.2 from Toledo, over to RT.4 just outside of Sandusky and shoot south to Monroeville and pick up RT.20 to go over to RT.250 in Norwalk and run RT.250 to RT.224 and head east to Lodi, OH. This is where I pick up I-76 and run it too Youngstown, OH.

Kentucky, has a bad highway also and it is relatively a new highway. It is the infamous AA-Highway, that runs from Alexandria, KY. to suppose to be Ashland, KY. but they never made it clear to Ashland. but it dumps you off on RT.23 in Greenup, KY. This road ranks high on my list of roads to steer clear of. For one it is a very rough riding road. Secondly it is pretty dangerous to drive, I have not a clue as to how many people have been killed on this highway. But, it is a lot of people. There is too many side roads on this highway cars, trucks, and whatever just pull right out in front of me all the time. I detour it whenever possible.

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