Why did I become a Truck Driver?

Why, did I become a Truck Driver?

I really don’t have a 100% reason why I became a truck driver. It was not because trucking was in my family because it isn’t.

My family is made up mostly of Gov. workers, and school teachers. Neither really were my cup of tea, as I really hated school and I am not interested in wearing a suit and tie to work.

Although, I was a truck driving school - driving instructor for a while a few years ago. But it was not like a school teacher, I didn’t have to be in front of a room full of students.

I grew up on a farm, and worked it for my dad for 20+ years thinking that when/if something happened to him I would get it. Wrong, I learned my mother would receive it and would sell it. So I moved on.

My first public job was a ambulance driver. This was sort of fun, because I got to drive on all the calls. Then I decided I wanted to become a EMT/Paramedic. Wrong again, I went to about half of the required classes and dropped out.

Then I started helping a friend of mine with his excavating business. Operating a D4 H Cat dozer, also a Case 4×4 back hoe. I liked that pretty good, but just was not enough work to make a decent living doing it.

Then I just out of the blue, decided I wanted to be a truck driver. I searched the newspapers and they had listing for drivers to make money (big money).

OK, lol thanks for the reminder to finish this here goes.

I signed up with a truck driving school Oct. 1996 and did my 3 week stint and got my CDL license.

I was hired right out of school by a company who is no longer in business out of SLC. I stayed approximately 32 days. BTW this is how long they kept me out. I quit them while on a run that brought me right pass the house.

I then went and searched for another job, I did find a local job that I stayed with for a little more than 2 years. I was a coal hauler..made lots of money doing this, and wished the company was still in business. But again I had hit another snag.

After a few more local jobs, that only lasted for a few months at a time. I decided to go back over the road again.

I joined a company, hauling liquid chocolate I stayed here for almost 2 years. Until the company tried to start running me illegal. When I refused to do this, I was pressured into quitting.
I then went right to work for a tanker company hauling HAZMAT for another 2 years, until I was almost killed in a bad accident. I gave up hauling HAZMAT.

I had decided to quit driving a truck, and moved to go to work with my son-in-law at a another excavating company.

After 3 months this did not pan out well. I was again back on the look for another driving position.

I decided I wanted to become a O/O lol! I did the lease operator thing…for 1 week screw that business.

I moved again, and went back to work at a local company again hauling sawdust in a 53 foot walking floor trailer. I did this for 9 months, and went to work for a company hauling piggy back trucks.

This was probably the BEST job I had ever had. It was a union job, and had all the benefits and great pay.

It was until, I got hurt on the job. Then the union forgot me as did the company. I fought them for a solid 2 years to get a much needed surgery, but still they defeated me.

I finally settled with them, after losing damn near everything I had, because they just up and quit paying any benefits to me. BTW, it was not for the amount I asked for, but for a WAY lower amount they produced.

I then found a local company to hire me to get me through till the winter arrived. I then came back south to KY, and am still with the same company I started with when I moved back.

The reason I became a truck driver is still a mystery to me.

I wished a thousand times I had never became one, and had just went on to Diesel Mechanic school right after high school.

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