Back on the road

Got the call today, to go back out on the road. My company slows down during the winter months, so work has been slow. I have been OK so far, as I saved back for this reason. We have been working a minimum 4 days a week for a while now.

Friday I was informed that we are now down to a 3 day week. My company has a deal where they have a guarantee pay of $400.00 a week, whether I haul a load or not. But this is ridiculous for what they are doing to my terminal.

We are located in Kentucky, well work dried up here a couple of months ago. So they have been deadheading us to Michigan, to help out on a contract that they took back last year, and then realized they could not keep up with it. So they had to call in back ups to help cover it. The Kentucky drivers, I myself have been running this route for 9 or 10 months straight. Some of the older drivers, just started running it a couple of months ago.

A couple of weeks ago, they said we were getting paid to deadhead home on the weekends and this was not right and they quit paying us to deadhead home. But they pay us to deadhead up there. The contract run calls to pick up in Detroit,MI. and then haul the load to Shippingport,PA. and return to Detroit,MI. This has never changed. But they are using the excuse that deadheading home to KY was not in the contract.
WTF! Deadheading from KY to Detroit,MI. I’m sure is not in the contract either. But they pay us to do it.

On top of this, they also are suppose to pay us $20.00 per night if we are out of our home state (KY) for a week. Well I have been here since April 2008 and have never received this pay. They say we (KY) and the MI. terminal are both dispatched from MI. so they don’t have to pay that..again WTF!

They called in help from other terminals over the summer GA,NC,SC, and FL. to help us up in MI. guess what? Those drivers all got paid the extra money. They were all also dispatched from the same place I was, in MI. I guess I really just needed to vent a little. Although this job does sound like it is messed up, and probably nearly all of you drivers would simply up and quit for something a LOT better. It is not that bad a job, really I will say it again it is not that bad. I make a LOT of money during the season, and hardly ever talk to my dispatcher.

Well anyway, I hope everyone has a great week this week and until next time. Be Safe!

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