Call to Action Ohio Truck Drivers

Attention: Ohio truckers! The Ohio Turnpike Commission is set to eliminate a volume discount and alter the way tolls are collected. Take time now to let the Turnpike commissioners know what effect higher tolls would have on your trucking business.

The Turnpike Commission plans to increase tolls in late 2009 and again in 2012. Part of the proposal is to implement E-ZPass on the turnpike and knock $2.50 from the $33.50 toll for a fully loaded truck making the full 241-mile trip.

Truckers with full loads who have E-ZPass will see their tolls decrease later this year, but there are underlying parts of the toll proposal that aren’t sitting well with truckers.

Built into the proposal is a shift in the way tolls are calculated from vehicle weight to the number of axles. Those truckers who find themselves deadheading between loads or who run light will see their tolls increase from about $24 to $33.50 – or $32 if they have E-ZPass.

History shows what happens to truck traffic when tolls increase on a major route: Truckers divert to other secondary, parallel highways. Those roads are less safe.

By making their decision solely on economic factors and not considering the safety implications and the associated costs to society, the Commission is doing a grave disservice to the citizens of Ohio and the motoring public.

Another part of the Ohio plan involves the elimination of a 15 percent volume discount for trucking companies that currently spend more than $1,000 per month on the turnpike. According to the Turnpike Commission, their reasoning for doing away with the discount is because it will be difficult to track once E-ZPass is eliminated.

Ohio truckers are encouraged to make their voices heard with the Turnpike Commission on this tolling issue. Comments can be left for commissioners via e-mail at [email protected] or send mail or a fax to the following address:

Ohio Turnpike Commission
Attn: Public Affairs Department
682 Prospect St.
Berea, OH 44017
Fax: 440-234-3881
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