Some thoughts from this worn out trucker

Howdy, I am just going to be straight forward here. I used to like to drive my truck, but I absolutely despise driving today. When I first started driving back in “96″ I drove for a local guy, hauling rock,coal,sand,mulch, etc pretty much anything that would go into a dump wagon I hauled it.

I did this for over 2 years, and it was the best damn job I have ever had! Believe it or not I made money also. Of course though when you run a bucket in KY hauling rock and coal, you work your ass off! and NONE of it was legal..I was always hauling 40+ ton loads no matter where I went.

I can only remember a couple times being caught..$250.00 both times were the overweight tickets. I was caught on RT. 7 leaving Grayson, KY heading to West Liberty,KY with a load of sand (38 1/2 tons) running 62 mph in a 55 on a little 2 lane black top road. Passed a KY DOT enforcement officer and yea he flipped and pulled me over..I was shaking like a dog sh!ttin razor blades.

He asked for my weight papers, “I said I really don’t want to show them too you” he again asked for them and added a c’mon show them to me…lol gotta love the KY DOT they are laid back. I ended up showing them to him, and he said,”Awww 96,000 lbs aint nothing I am looking for them 140,000 and 150,000 lb loads rolling through here”.

He told me to slow it down a little and have a safe day. What a guy! Why can’t all the DOT, cops and such be like him?

Anyway, back to reality here, (I was enjoying reminiscing) I hate driving today! I hate my company, I hate my dispatcher, I hate my terminal manager, I even hate about 3/4 of the drivers at my terminal!

Oh yea did I mention I HATE my job!

I am not making any money right now…I mean yea I am but not as much as I was when the season was right. Oh well, I guess I only got a couple months left and I will be busier than a long tailed cat in a room full of rockin chairs..

Until next time…Keep the shiny side up! and your foot planted on the floor!

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