Truckers have set a new date to protest regulations in Ontario that require all heavy trucks to be electronically speed limited at a maximum of 105 kilometers per hour, or 65 mph.

Protest organizer Scott Mooney, an OOIDA member from Cambridge, Ontario, said bad weather in December forced the postponement of the initial protest. He has rescheduled the event to take place March 2 at Queen’s Park in Toronto.

Mooney said the interest is growing in the grassroots effort to challenge the regulation.

“From what I’ve been gathering from chatter, there may be various groups coming from various directions,” Mooney told Land Line. That includes some U.S. truckers, he said.

Mooney has been rounding up support via the social networking site, His online group, Truckers Against Speed Limiter Legislation, has joined up more than 500 members. Click here to access the page.
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