Nitrogen has its place in automotive tires

The debate goes on and on, but everything seems to indicate that inflating your tires with nitrogen instead of air is worth every penny you invest.

Last winter, motorists who had vehicles equipped with alloy or aluminum wheels discovered replacing the air in their tires with nitrogen prevented regular air loss caused by temperature variations.

It could very well be the same situation in summer.

In this case, according to nitrogen suppliers, it would not be temperature variations that would be in cause, but the rubber porosity that allows air to leak out.

Though not all chemists recognize this characteristic, nitrogen industry spokespersons claim that this (inert) gas has larger molecules which do not seep through rubber porosity, as easily as air.

On the other hand, if you intend to travel frequently at sustained speeds, once again, nitrogen will be of some benefit, since it helps keep tires cooler than air does.

Cool tires, in turn, are safer and help improve fuel economy.

This has been proven by the trucking industry and auto racing teams.

Finally, nitrogen is dry.
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