It’s a classic commuter sport of winter, for drivers and pedestrians: dodging an airborne sheet of ice unleashed from a moving vehicle whose owner left the driveway or parking lot without bothering to sweep the roof.

There are no U.S. jurisdictions that require car and truck owners to clear their vehicles of snow and ice before driving. Ward 5 D.C. Councilman Harry Thomas Jr. will propose Tuesday that the District become the first.

“My concern is really is there an inherent hazard, when you see people pull out with huge sheets of ice on top of their cars where they haven’t taken time to properly prepare their vehicle for driving,” Thomas told The Examiner. “You’re behind people, trucks, and sheets of ice come flying at you. It’s something that could be avoided just by people taking a little more time and brushing their vehicle with a broom.”

Thomas said the emergency bill would likely include the option for ticketed drivers of paying a fine or taking a traffic safety course. If the emergency measure passes, it will take effect immediately, perhaps just in time for a Tuesday snow, and remain in place for 120 days.

“If we do it as regular legislation, we miss this season,” Thomas said.

The New Jersey Legislature is considering a similar bill that includes fines of $25 to $75 for violators who fail to clear their vehicles after a snow storm. The assembly’s transportation committee released the legislation last week over the vociferous objections of that state’s trucking industry.

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This is a problem, but it has been a problem forever. How in the heck are you suppose to get up there and clean that off? On top of a trailer, that’s pretty high up in the air. OSHA will require you to probably wear some sort of fall protection gear.

Do they have anything in place, so these trucks can just drive under it and something removes the snow? I have not heard of any. Seems, like they will have to get on the ball and get something going and soon. I saw a police officer, pull a car over the other day somewhere in Ohio. The car was covered in snow, with just a little peep hole on the driver side windshield glass, for the driver to look out. I don’t know if a ticket was written, but I do know the officer had a broom in his trunk and walked up and handed it to the driver, and made them clean the car off before they could leave. I loved it, I laughed so hard it was funny.

But, I have seen many accidents while out on the road caused by snow,ice coming off the top of the trailers. Usually it is the four wheeler is following too close and can’t back out of it quick enough to miss the big chunks, and it will go through the windshield.

People are killed all the time, from tires from trailers, four wheeler following too close and the tire on the trailer rips apart what happens? It’s winter time, people need to slow down, and back off this would stop a lot of these kinda accidents.