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To: Webb, Robin (State Rep.) (LRC)
Subject: Bailout money - GM
Sent: Sun, 1 Feb 2009 07:39:35 -0500

was deleted without being read on Mon, 2 Feb 2009 15:08:15

I read about General Motors to Invest $1 Billion in Brazil Operations-Money from Bailout to be used, even posted it on here. I sent an e-mail to my elected officials and this is the response I got from my e-mail server today.
I think she needs to be voted out next term, now that she does not have time to read a SIMPLE e-mail and hit reply with a simple answer.

No she Representative Robin L. Webb (D)
just deletes it and goes on about her marry little liberal way.

I want to thank you Robin L. Webb Representative of Lewis County KY. for taking the time to delete my e-mail instead of reading it.