Jim Gallagher drives a truck from Buffalo to Albany and back five days a week, rolling through all kinds of weather and traffic. The variety appeals to him.

“I might go to the same place every time, but it’s always a different trip,” Gallagher said.

The Amherst resident has built a sterling safety record driving for Roadway, and he shares his driving knowledge with new hires. He has added a responsibility to go with his job, educating the public about highway safety and the trucking industry as a captain on “America’s Road Team” for the next two years.

Making the team is tough. The American Trucking Associations received 2,000 nominations for the latest edition of the team, said Elisabeth Barna, vice president of strategic planning and outreach for the group. Thirty-four professional truck drivers competed as finalists for the team’s 18 spots last month in Virginia.

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Congratulation’s to Jim Gallagher, that sounds like a awesome achievement. We need more driver’s out on the road like him. I am sure there are plenty of good driver’s out there, just not too many willing to be an advocate for safety.
Most of today’s driver’s I hear on the CB Radio, wouldn’t know about safety if it slapped them in the face. Especially the ones who are the SUPER TRUCKERS of the road, you know the ones? It’s the drivers who refuse to slow down in the construction zones, ot the ones who ride the left lane all the way to the end when they know that lane ends. I refuse to let these guy’s in when this happens, I will roll right on past them. You know it is a requirement to be able to read ENGLISH if you drive a truck, and all the road signs I have seen are in English.