This past week was a real trip for me. I deadheaded to Detroit,MI to pick up my load of “Grancem” to deliver it in Shippingport,PA. like I have done for the past “10 months” straight. A friend/co-worker left out at the same time as I did, so I got to run with somebody.

We, got loaded and headed for Youngstown,OH. this is our stop off point to sleep at, because the great state of Ohio closed the Rest Area on RT. 11 it’s not too far from Shippingport,PA. about 55 miles. We decided to sleep until 5:00 AM and get up and drive the rest of the way, we arrived at 6:00 AM for our delivery. While going down the road, on RT. 11 we noticed it was/had been snowing, being loaded with 53,000 pounds you don’t notice sliding around.

We left Shippingport,PA. at approximently 7:15 AM and drove back towards Youngstown,OH. The further north we got the more snow was now on the road. The roads were now covered by the snow, we were still rolling about 55 mph, with no problems as we were empty weighing around 26,500 pounds. Yes, we do notice sliding around when empty.

We exited, onto RT.80 west bound, and the roads were just wet. We were going to stop for coffee but we decided to proceed to another truck stop along RT. 76. A Ohio state trooper was rolling “our front door” doing a rolling road block to slow everyone down for the bridge at mm 221 because it was snow covered. As we made it past the junction for I-80 and I-76 we stayed on I-76 and in the blink of an eye, the road went from being wet, to being ice covered and very slick. We, saw at least 6 four wheelers slid off in the ditch within a mile of the junction.

One SUV, was turned over in the median. We noticed we could not give any throttle or the drives would spin out. My co-worker was leading the way, and he radioed me and said “I’m sliding all over” and about that time he went into a slide, fish tailing in both lanes. Almost took out a four wheeler in the process, that was trying to get around us, as we had slowed down to about 25 to 30 mph.

My co-worker did recover from the near jack-knife and we made it to the next exit ramp and pulled over. We decided to wait until a salt shaker could come along and spread some salt to thaw the frozen road, that appeared to be wet. We sat for about one hour, and the road you could actually see it change from being frozen to thawed out.

We proceeded back out onto the road, and the road was actually dry now. It is the weirdest thing I had ever encountered. I have never seen this before. So, all in all be careful out there in your travels as just because it looks wet, does not mean it is wet.