The Maryland Transportation Authority has approved a plan to raise truck tolls its seven toll facilities, a 50 percent increase for vehicles with three or more axles, despite objections from the state trucking association.

The plan raises toll rates for multi-axle vehicles, including trucks with three or more axles and vehicles towing trailers. Toll increases for large trucks and other multi-axle vehicles will range from $2 to $13. E-ZPass users also will pay a $1.50 monthly service fee starting in July and will have to buy transponders.

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Why not raise the tolls?…Everybody else is doing it, they just well get on the boat too. The funny thing is…is I thought the reason a toll road was a toll road was so it could be paid for? When it was paid for then, they would remove the toll..

Keep an eye here for this to be announced! Toll Road Info