SCHODACK — Sitting at the Pilot truck stop on Route 9 gave this reporter a taste of what many residents have complained about for more than a year. Swinging by half a dozen other times, however, the story was different every time.

For many residents, the Pilot truck stop is the definition of a nightmare, generating numerous traffic safety and motorist concerns and raising environmental issues with air pollution from idling trucks.

The matters have been brought up at a number of town meetings, with residents asking for stronger enforcement measures. The site is one of frequent, mostly minor, automobile accidents, and numerous near-accidents, according to residents.

In December, the town Planning Board approved a three-month special permit for the business. Normally, special permits are renewed for a year or more, but after residents raised concerns and pointed out deviations from approved plans, planners asked attorney Timothy Nugent to review the alleged non-compliance with approved plans and possible violations.

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This is just crazy, the one woman interviewed complains the diesel smell makes her fill ill, and that she gets nervous when she needs to go inside because there are so many truck drivers? WTF! is she smoking anyway? Why would she feel nervous about going into a truck stop filled with truck drivers? To you mam, go down the road and get gas and quit complaining!

I wonder how the citizens of Shodack, NY. would like it if trucks just stopped hauling things into Shodack, NY?