CB Radio Repair Shops - Are there any good ones left?

I think this is a dying breed that truckers are going to have to deal with in the future. Oh yea, you can find a “hack shop” out on the road at many truck stops. But, they basically do nothing but charge really high prices. I only know of one “good” CB Radio Repair Shop, and the owner knows what he is actually doing. I have dealt with this shop for many years, and they have never done me wrong.

They are located: South side of 80/90 (Ohio toll Road Exit-71) Get on RT. 420 and go south past the TA Truck Stop and Pilot Truck stops. Travel about one mile, and you will see Tire Shop sign, turn left onto RT. 163 and then turn right into the parking lot.

I stopped one time at a place on I-75 at exit 99. I will say this for them, they damn sure will jump on the job you want done. I had them to install my Connex 4600 Turbo for me, along with having them to install my Wilson 5000 antenna. They did a superb job, and was done in less than 1 hour. But, Damn they are expensive…It cost me $99.00 to have that done, the only thing extra I bought was a cheap $12.00 fiberglass antenna for the passanger side AM/FM. One thing else I did not agree with was. After they installed my Wilson 5000 antenna, they “tried” to set the swr’s of the antenna…Inside the metal building!

When it was done, I kindly thanked and made my way towards my original CB Shop to have the Swr’s fixed. Of course they were out, so he readjusted them, and have not had a minutes trouble out of it since.

Anybody know of any “good” shops left around list them as a comment and if enough get posted I will fix another page listing them..


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  1. #1 by Bill - February 23rd, 2009 at 22:46

    There are still a few good people who you can trust out there. Just do your homework.

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