Indianapolis- Online on Craig’s List you may find your next plumber, plow or prostitute? No, says the website and warns “human trafficking and exploitation of minors is not tolerated.”

But under “erotic services” adds say “erotic outcall available” “let me pleasure you” and “tempting and fulfilling.”

Just innocent ads? We asked a female advertiser “is there a sex act involved in this? Oh no.” But Chicago’s Cook County Sheriff disagrees. He sued Craigs List to remove “erotic services.” His police placed his own site reading “14-year-olds looking for sex.” The Sheriff says “it was never taken down. It sat on there until we took it down,” he said.

Col. Doug Cox with Johnson County Sheriff’s Department says “we’ve had some experience with Craig’s List being involved in prostitution out at our truck stops.” He says officers found Craig’s List ads when they broke up a prostitution involving a woman 8 months pregnant. Colonel Cox says “that’s bringing people into our county that are willing to commit crimes.” He says the Chicago suit could help.

Story by: David MacAnally/Eyewitness News
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