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War of the blogs over one wee little ole truck driver

Posted on : 25-03-2009 | By : Truckdriversnews | In : Thoughts from a trucker


Excuse me now as I have to wipe the tears from my eyes, from laughing so hard. I just got through reading a couple a different blogs, about one wee little oh truck driver. I will not name the driver, but you will know who it is.

From reading one of the blogs, all I could get from it was….nothing. It was just a rant about this driver and how they are stirring up “trouble” in the trucking world. By being out spoken on several “Real issues” that need to be addressed, and because this blogger couldn’t get anything done about it 20 years ago then we should all leave well enough alone.

They have been driving forಞ+ years, and they know how to plan their routes. What do you want, a cookie? I even read they are doing the most dangerous job now there is in trucking, I had to laugh on this one. Now, they have the following of several of their “tweety” friends joining in, on the bashing of this one wee little ole truck driver.

I also just read another blog about this wee little ole truck driver. From a person who has been in the business for a whole 2 or 3 years..not sure as it was hard to read and understand. Something about how this wee little ole truck driver was stepping on toes, because they were good with words. Getting the media involved and so on. How else is “John Q” public suppose to become aware of the real problems that have been going on for a long time, and need to be addressed.

I can’t believe that this wee little ole truck driver has caused such a stench in the trucking world. For what? Being out spoken, and getting the attention needed drawn to problems that veteran drivers couldn’t get?

I’m not going to draw this post out to long here but I am gonna touch on a couple of important issues.

The “Parking Problem” is not only in VA. but it is everywhere. VA is just on the hotseat now, because they want to shut down 25 or so rest areas that are needed for drivers who need to stop and rest. But, the problem exist everywhere.

HazMat, loads should be pulled by experienced drivers. Experienced in pulling Hazardous chemicals. No, I dont think a student right out of school should go to a place that hauls hazmat and apply, even though they have their Hazmat endorsement. I feel they should have adequate training before hauling it.

Ok, enough said about this wee little ole truck driver. Why don’t you guys quit your bitching, and join.

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Comments (25)

Geek style flame wars have come to trucking…Somedays I really love my job!
Truck parking is a problem. Anyone who has been out here more than 2 weeks knows it.
My routes can be driven at night (mostly) and park in daytime, but I still have problems.
As for wee boy…go blow your…emm…horn. I’ve been out here since ‘90.

LOL! @ “Geek style flame wars have come to trucking” That is funny right there..Maybe I should have called it that…Thanks for the comment..

So Mark, BLOW ME

Blog one InnfromtheNight.com
Let Kathy post her own address

So, read 2 blogs? Got nothing from it? Read the part about YOU? The long meandering bull shit she creates to get attention?
About how How YOU are a drug addict? Read that one? Read how your boss is a rapist? Comparable to the Taliban? By the way, she meant YOU too. Rapist. There’s more, lots more, did you read any of it? Or just 2 Blogs?

So, what is it YOU do? Dry box? Flat Bed?
Ever move something 20 wide? 60 Foot long? 150, 200K
Ever do it Every DAY?
laugh all you want, I do, as I deposit the checks.
And don’t LAUGH at what I do, until YOU can do it as well or better.

You ever met Desiree? I have. Pointless. human. being.
She preaches socialist BS. Wants the government to make all better so her knees can heal. LOL She even believes the Unions are about the WORKER… And YOU would make this sad attempt to defend her? You’ll get more honesty from a back row whore.

I DARE YOU: Produce a REAL issue she has, where she takes responsibility for her actions, instead of blaming the actions or lack of actions of other.
Daddy didn’t buy me a pony, BAD Daddy.

ONE issue, just one, you know where I am, use the contact form, show it to me.

Are you this naive? There is a lot more to this Issue than shows on the surface. Did she Mention that? Prolly not… Responsibility thing…

YES, there is a parking problem, BUT, you miss read, we are not trying to do anything about it. You want joiners?
Class Action Suit, No body named Desiree Woods involved, I’ll sign right up.

We need a somebody, not a no-body to lead this, find him or her, they will flock to your cause.

There is NOT a problem with Haz-Mat, the whiner just wont haul it and lacks the courage to say no.

I don’t even have a Haz-mat Endorsement, Let it go in like 98, You KNOW WHY? I never have to apply to shitty dry van companies that haul it. In fact, in 20 + years of driving, I’ve only had 4 jobs? Know why?
Think about it.

Dude, don’t be MALE, Ignore the plumbing and LOOK at the things she WRITES, READ IT. Contact me, I’ll show you where it is.

Hey MARK? Someone still reading this to you? FUCK YOU.

Goat raping bastard wouldn’t know a “Geek Style Flame War” if it bounced though his windshield.

Terence Smelser
Inn From the Night.

Why us it always blame the driver. Seems it’s very easy for drivers to find fault with other drivers. And many drivers like to criticize other drivers.But I almost never hear drivers criticize owners, that is much harder to do. It takes courage and intelligence to correctly point out an owners faults and problems. A lazy thinking man, just blames the driver, probably using rhetoric he heard somewhere else.

Fixing problems is hard work. Finding the correct solutions and sucessfully implementing them takes intelligence, competence, and ability. And to do so with an owner also requires courage.
Such people are extremly rare.Doing nothing is something anybody can do.

Persistence is also necessary, one cannot give up just because an immediate result is not achieved. We would not have half of the things we love in society if people just gave up , did nothing and criticized anyone who tried to make improvements.

I am sure drivers can learn to work together on problems of common interest. Our goal should be to have a better industry for ALL DRIVERS.

Thanks Terence for that somewhat informative comment. I don’t know who Kathy is, or what that is about. But, yea one blog was your’s. I didn’t make it to difficult for YOU to figure that out did I?

YOU, ask what it is I do? I pull a bulk tanker if you must know, and I haul 80,000lbs+ daily 600 miles, 5 to 6 days per week. When I am working, my job is somewhat seasonal now so I get a bit of a break in the winter. To answer your question, yes I have moved wide loads, and yes I have carried over 150,000 lbs, back in my KY coal hauling days.

I guess now you will run off to your blog and re post this comment, saying it probably wouldn’t get posted. Well guess what? It did get posted, and I never even edited it. I wanted readers to view it, as it shows alot of your intelligents, by all the name calling and swearing and such.

I really don’t know who Desiree is nor have I met her. But I wished there were more out here like her. She seems to be a nice person, evidently is a hard worker.

Getting on to some more of your comment, You said in your blog post..that you have known about the parking problem for 20 years..but you adapted to the problem..that doesn’t fix the problem.

I know there isn’t a problem with HazMat, but it might be a problem if a student driver right out of school would happen to get a load of Hazmat, and something happen.

I commend you on 20+ years of driving..AND with only 4 jobs! That’s great, I wished my resume had only 4 driving jobs on it. I have actually had 8 driving jobs in 14+ years of driving trucks. The reason: most of it was local and regional and 4 companies went out of business.

As for you doing the most dangerous job out there. All I can say is you need to pull a HazMat Tanker load of Phenol, or Acid then come to me and tell me how dangerous it is to pull a 100,000 lbs with an escort helping you..

As for your tasteless comment to Mark, I won’t say anything about that, I will let him take care of that. Good Day and be safe!

Ok, short and sweet…. you “arealredneck” should know who Kathy is. You saw my blog and had the gall to quote it on here.
As for the other comments, I will not take them back. As I have stated today, like my comments or not. This is a country that has as one of it’s freedom’s the freedom of free speech.
And don’t tell others they are nasty in comments when you are just as bad. Sort of like pot calling kettle black, don’t you think?
Drama is drama, and I can see it a mile away. Don’t go down talking me, when your sweetie has been working in and around trucking less then I have. BTW, if you need a refresher on who I am “zionxpress” on twitter comes to mind here.

Thanks Kathy, for clearing that up, oh and for the comment as well.

Yes, I did read your blog. That’s was the reason you posted it online, right? If you are going to write something about somebody or something, you need to be prepared to handle whatever comments are thrown back at you..That is another reason I to like the freedom of free speech.

My nasty comments? I tell it like it is..My grandmother always had a saying for something like this..”If you can’t handle the fire, then get out of the kitchen”..

My “sweetie”, what is this comment? My “sweetie” is sitting beside me here on the couch of our house where she has been for the last 15 years..She doesn’t need to work as her “sweetie” provides for her every want and need.

BTW: I could say the same for you and Terence..but I won’t as I think I have seen you tweet about your husband..

A word of advice, don’t go on someone’s blog and tell them not to down talk to you in a comment…it will always back fire.

As for you being in the business longer than Desiree..This might be true, I don’t know how long she has been in and around trucking. But seems to me like she knows a lot more than some I have seen it the business for years.

Nope, not crazy enough to pull a tanker any more, Stated I wont do hazmat and why.

Look, you put a load of solvent on a rookie, and he spills it, is that spill more dangerous than the same spill done by a 30 year man? No. Is that spill as easy to make?
True, the rookie “might” dump it where as you and I might slide it down the shoulder. He might do the same with a load of can goods too. Or you and i might have a bad pass and spill it. I rolled an OD load about 15 years ago, I had done EVERYTHING right and in fact, the CHP called it “an act of God” (It still rolled over and nearly killed me)

Then lets define HAZ-Mat to the good folks, the kind that dry haulers over at Covenant are likely to pull. NOT the Eat your ass a-live kind of stuff you move, Dish soap, GO-Jo hand cleaner, almost ANY cleaner made from citrus, Some laundry detergents, Coca Colo Syrup, Pepsi Syrup, House Hold Bleach, things that a lot of these good people would never think of.
Or the term “reportable quantity”? 1 case is no big deal, 5 cases is…

This is we train drivers, and its why a lot of companies are fairly selective about who pull the dangerous loads. You’ve seen guys with as much windshield time as yourself get turned away for your work, as have I. We don’t put any old stick hauler under a 20ft wide module and send them down the road.

Most recent heavy load was 110,000, no escort. Just a big spool of cable. I’m 13 wide tonight, not needing an escort till TN line, WEIRD. VA didn’t require one. shrug, Down though DC I go in the AM.

Money Money Money is the only reason. (that, and as you might imagine, I don’t play well with others, Computer Sciences , “useless”)

Don’t wish for things that wont happen, Desiree will be gone in months, good riddance. Now it’s true, I’ve dedicated my spare time to this end as I will not allow her or “more” like her to speak for me or us, we have worked to hard for what we have, for our reputations, to let rookies screw it up.

READ it again, we’re not trying to solve the issue, the issue can only be solved by Legal action, representation must be someone KNOWN to everyone. Charlton Heston was a great Prez for the NRA, Know why? everyone knew him.

Need the same here, not some pointless statistic like Desire, or “MORE like her” until then, we laugh at the Desiree’s of the world.

Mark can just go stuff himself, whoever the hell he is. He thought he saw a “Geek Flame war” I say he hasn’t, but I showed him what one looked like. (Been a geek all my life)

Check my blog, nothing about last post there. Would not have bothered. I’m here for fun. I get serious, I never Swear, TAKE A LOOK

So Lets be serious for a moment:

I don’t care what Desiree “Fights for”, just not interested. Everyone has the right to speak out, I will ignore you at the appropriate level of boredom. I understand the issues about parking EVERYWHERE in the country. I also understand what it will take to solve it.

Am I going to help Desiree? NO. She’s a detriment to the industry, like so many others are. I stated in my last post and in this post, LEGAL action is the only recourse. Not blaming the bosses, not blaming the Companies. Just throwing down the gauntlet and going to court

I don’t have that kind of money, as much as I can make doing this, I don’t make millions.

Bud, I can’t stand a whiner and until recently that’s all I considered Desiree. A spoiled little uninteresting girl that doesn’t get her way in a mans world.

Then the crap about the Rapists started, the comparisons to the Taliban and Islamic radicals. The blaming of everything on everyone, except who I feel is the cause of her problems. Desiree

She very proudly tells us all how safe “she” is, she does this TEXTING on a phone, while driving an 80,000 pound truck down the road with your wife and kids around her. Did you really want me to take her seriously? A good friend of mine up in Canada pointed to that one day and ask me, “really?”

I’m not being a dick or even being “mean”, when I call her a pointless human being. That’s just the way it is. Its the role she fills, “victim”. I’m a good judge of people, filling leadership roles in almost every field I work in, requires it.

Read her posting over at askthetrucker.com. There are some very insulting things there, from someone that can’t even find a place to park. She insults you, she insults me and she insults the industry that YOU AND I make our living from. This is done to gain attention and it is NOT the truth.

You want to solve issues like parking, let me know, I’ll work with you and share ideas with you, even contacts, but you and I together don’t have the money it takes to feed lawyers in a federal class action. Need some ideas on representation. Not finger pointing.

Because it amuses me, I will continue my haphazard attacks on Desiree as will others. When Donna (from askthetrucker.com) stuck her nose in, it only convinced me to push HARDER.

I’m doing everything for Desiree I’m going to.

Terence Smelser
Inn From the Night

Thanks again Terence for your comment. Ever thought about writing a book? LOL!

You said: you put a load of solvent on a rookie, and he spills it, is that spill more dangerous than the same spill done by a 30 year man? Your answer was No.

I first started to disagree here with you on this statement, but then I got to thinking…30 year old driver, has he been around hazmats before? Or is a 30 year old driver who has been hauling something that does not require hazmat training?

If it is a 30 year old driver who has been around hazmat and has had training, then your answer should have been yes. A properly trained driver would know how to react in this situation. A rookie driver is not going to know the first thing to do…even though he has his/her hazmat license.

In 04 I had a serious accident with a hazmat load. I had 7000 gallons of acetone on and was clobbered in the rear from another tractor trailer..26 other vehicles involved also.

The scariest moment was just before impact I was thinking, where I am going to go. I am on a bridge traffic was stopped in front of me. the only thing I knew to do was right before impact I gunned my truck to lessen the blow, and tried to adsorb some of the impact..it worked. Still totaled the tank I was pulling as well as the tractor that hit me. But, there was no spill. Oh, yea after that I resigned my Hazmat to Ohio and quit hauling it as well.

Yes, what you mentioned are types of Hazmat pulled by most companies. But to call them trained to pull it is ludicrous. I know what the training consist of. They are not taught anything but how to flag the paperwork, and where to keep it, and so on. They are not taught what happens if they have two different chemicals on board, and one spills and mixs with the other. They are not told about vapors can kill you the same or faster as getting it on you can. They are taught the bare necessities to get by with. Most don’t even know how to look up the chemicals in the Hazard Materials hand book. Most toss those books under the bunks..

As far as the parking situation goes..YES it is NOT only in VA…VA. is just in the hot seat because of the 25 rest areas they want to close.

But, adapting to a problem does not fix it. It is still a problem. And the more voices that are talking about it, and responding to it the better. I agree, it will be for the courts to decide what will happen. But, again I say this…At least Desiree has a voice and people are listening to it.

In fact I have notes for several books of different types and wrote one in co-operation with a buddy on a communications product.

What I meant was a 30 year DRIVER, 30 years, windshield time. he spills a load of something it is no less dangerous than the same load spilled by a guy 3 months out of his training truck.
Talking about the SPILL its self.

I pulled the kinds of Hazmats I spoke of, for Marten Trans, The training was “ok” but I had had BETTER before I got there, US Army Chemical Weapons School, no not the same, but “eyes wide open”. (I prefer my lowboys and stretches.)So I agree 100% that the training in the companies sucks, but its something, if we can just get them to m ark it right and put the papers in the right place, we can save lives. Honestly, where can you get the intensive training you refer to? BULK tanker and companies that do nothing but HAZ-MAT. You know as well as I the legal requirements “are” being met. Its not just “ONE” company or “ALL” companies. Its the system. Again, like parking, its gonna take courts. Sucks, but there it is.

AS we both can demonstrate, weird stuff can happen to any of us, not our fault, someone hits you from the back. My trailer, rated for the load it was hauling, SNAPPED a main beam, over we rolled… What do I do? Enjoy the ride… You Surged forward to lessen the blow, I managed to clear a parking lot so I could Roll over in peace…

How? perhaps this is in our blood, perhaps we had the “time in grade” to make a crazy decision that might just of saved not only our lives, but several others. Maybe, we’re just crazy. I don’t know, I’m just a geek that drives trucks.

Again, you miss, on purpose I think, the point about Desiree, She Doesn’t LIKE trucking and to read her stuff, she don’t like either of us, (Well, we know she don’t like ME, I hope it keeps her up at night) What she does like is HER, and will say most anything to promote HER. Take a close look before you believe she cares a whit for anyone else. As I’ve said, I’ve met her, had dinner with her. I got the “feel” I needed. At the time I set this up, I was interested in helping her on something. No, not the Truck Driving School, Trucking Company, Government Funding Conspiracy BS. She seems to see and write about conspiracy in everything she does. I could not explain that to you in a year of bass fishing and beer drinking. But READ it. I didn’t make it up. (SHE makes it up) After I had dinner with her, there was NOTHING, not even money that would have caused me to help her downplay the industry and the people, like you and I and the good folks we know. When she points that finger of “blame” its not at just one Company like Covenant, but at all companies, and people. None of whom she’s worked for.

She contradicts herself on safety though actions and the things she writes are inconsistent.

If she is talking down on the industry, comparing good mean and women to killers and other vile people, just to get noticed it invalidates ANY thing else she might have to say, right or wrong. But I’m thinking she wrote that stuff without thinking it through, not understanding it would be pointed out by those that dislike her references to them or that it would be used against her.
Enter ME
I’m hardly the only person that feels this way, or that would see her quiet, I have an inbox full of it.

Yes, I was ask, for the most part, to do what I’m doing, I agree, I own the words and I possess the passion for what I do.

We can make a difference in our industry, but the first step is the way that we are perceived. Seen as rapists and Abusive MEN, drug users and thugs, well we might as well keep on trucking.(And hiding our heads)


Yes, the spill itself would be the same…Training to handle it, or know what to do is not.

Again, I will agree with you they train new drivers, to JUST get by. I still disagree, that a NEW driver should pull hazmat right out of school. They need seat and steering wheel time before they haul dangerous loads.

The safety people in these companies, need to start doing a more extensive hazmat training. Knowing to flag the paper work and knowing where it rides in the cab…is not adequate training. They (the saftey) people if they don’t know it..then they themselves need the training as well.

Take for instance in my accident..The truck that hit me lost a fuel tank…the first responder comes up looks at my tank and says are you leaking? I said no, he said well I small diesel fuel…um yea so, I said. The DOT in VA. came up later on and said we as a whole were lucky the truck hit me instead of all those people in front of us…WTF?? A DOT saying this? I asked him what my placard stood for on my tank..His answer was he didn’t know. I told him what it was, and what would have happened if as much as a spark would have ignited it. He would be in a boat doing body counts in the river below. I asked him if he had a Hazmat Guide, he said a what? So I got him one (I carried extras) and gave it to him.

Maybe, I came into this late in the ball game. But, from what I have read, from what she writes I don’t see any of the things you are accusing her of.

Maybe I am wrong, I don’t know but I still say as I have said before. We need voices many voices speaking about the problems. And she (Desiree) is doing a lot of talking and people are listening.

Well I see in all the lengthy posts, y’all are on the same side of the fence regarding parking.

Terrence…you state you have solutions to the problem. I want to know what your suggestions are. My brother and I have been standing up and speaking out for years about trucking issues, and I would truly like to know what your solutions are. Maybe your suggestions might be viable and worth pursuing.

Regarding the rest areas in VA…this is a very serious issue regarding safety. There are still meetings being conducted regarding public comments about this issue. My brother, JB, will be at the Fairfax meeting on April 1st speaking out. But there is an issue of greater importance going on in VA. Driver’s are being ticketed and forced to violate HOS regulations. Legally parked drivers at rest areas are being ticketed after 2 hours (4 hours at truck stops) and forced by threat of arrest if they don’t move on down the road.

VA is violating FMCSA’s regulation 355.25(c)&(d). My brother and I have been hounding VA’s Safety Transportation Administration, VA Motor Carrier Services (the MSCAP designated Administrator,) VA State Patrol, VA local police, FMCSA and Federal DOT about this very serious safety issue and violation of reg’s by VA…to no avail. Hell, just today my brother was speaking with VA’s Motor Carrier Service (VA FMCSA dept) about whether they had a “Waiver Of Determination” on file allowing the enforcement of parking time limits on commercial vehicles…the guy didn’t have a clue what my brother was asking him for. He actually stated to my brother what he’s asking is way over his knowledge and would have to have someone else get back with him.

Want to win a battle? Want to stop VA’s ticketing of truckers and forcing them to not only violate HOS reg’s, but drive tired? Stand up and speak out with us about this outrageous safety issue. We need more truckers, and citizens, to speak out with us. We’re making some progress, but not fast enough. We need a larger united voice to help us “put the boot” to VA’s a$$. We’ve been passed off to so many different people, that we’re now being passed off to someone we’ve already been passed to. They know who TheAmericanDriver is and are learning very quickly we aren’t going away. As of today…my brother has finally got the local media interested in this issue.

If any of y’all want info on who to contact and what to point out…my e-mail is

Safe Trails and God Bless,
Frederick (SilverSurfer) Schaffner



Sorry had a ball buster of a day Friday had to get some sleep.

It’s the fact that People are listening that has many of us concerned. We don’t want our representatives to be like Desiree. Right on an issue or wrong, its the other things that she’s said that invalidates her speech. She speaks of conspiracy, secret deals, etc etc. Honestly, do you believe any of that BS? But it got her noticed. In an Oprah Winfatass, Hussein Oblahma kind of way.

Spent way to much time on an airhead, not enough time on an issue. Really want solutions? Drop the defense of a grand stander. Step back out among those that can make a difference:

Check out this last guy.

Fredrick, this is not exactly the place, a blog comment column about my (and others) war on a spoiled little twit. But glad to speak with you and support your efforts as I can. Hope Redneck will take a few minutes to perhaps blog about those effects. I will as well.

Let me say this, my solutions are impractical due to the cashed needed. We need a class action and the lawyers to support it. Until you have these various commissioners in a federal court, they will continue to make nice noises, but have no reason to DO anything.

Contact me through my site, lets see what we can find. What you have tried. But my only real thoughts are legal, to bad I don’t know crap about fund raising.

Terrence…I hear ya, but am of the nature of reaching out in any forum available. Whether here in this blog comment section – forums – email – or just good ol’ fashioned personal communication…I reach out.

In regards to your statement about legal action…we are attempting to locate an attorney, pro-bono, to do exactly what you point out. But courts are not the only way to get action. And might I add, courts are a very lengthy process. The situation I have pointed out is of a serious nature and should not be drawn out over a period of time. A single loud voice is what’s needed. People in large numbers speaking out about this serious issue. If we could actually get a large number of people to take a few minutes out of their day, make a phone call and speak out…we could effectively get something done.

I’ll check out your site to get your contact info. With all due respect though, I’m a little surprised I have to go in search of your contact info.


Thanks for everyone’s contribution for positive action.

Isn’t this fun?

I got lots more topic’s that will help people start talking also.

I think it’s great we are all helping revisit some old neglected problems that needed a FRESH SPIN.

When you stir the pot, it’s easier to see the meat & potatoes and decide which one you’d like to consume.

Have a nice day! :)

Twonk! Twonk!

Where’s your Burka? Some of those MEN are here…

Found at http://www.askthetrucker.com/a-day-in-the-life-of-a-lady-trucker/#comment-1498

Someone pass me my crack pipe

Mike: I most certainly will. Truckers have a notorious reputation & much of it is because the Industry Cultivates it.
Nice people would like this job but , Nice people don’t “Play Ball” in a corrupt & morally bankrupt environment.
There are many Good People in Trucking who leave while the Scum & Crime are continually cycled thru.
Lobby Groups profess changing the image of Truckers & with their other face reward Big Trucking who permit this conduct to go unchecked.
I’ve met Students doing online classes who drive, couples, there are plenty of good people who would find this lifestyle suitable like me.
Recruting people who have serious Drug Trafficking & Prison Records & expecting to team them & conduct themselves like model citizens is a joke.
These are street smart former felons.
Denial by the Company feeds these Predators by giving them multiple opportunities to go unchecked, and they do

There is no conspiracy, Companies are not the Taliban, YOU failed to turn in a co-driver that Drove while plastered on downers.
These problems have always been here, they will be here long after the problem of people like you are gone.

Thanks Terence, I am having a hard time deciphering that comment, I just now realized, you copied part of it..and posted in part of it. Still deciphering it.

As far as I can see the picture link you posted has not one thing to do with the post you copied and pasted here. I didnt see where she said companies are the Taliban, her tweet reads it is Sort of how the Taliban punishes women…and so on, not going to retype it here.

Still trying to figure out where the conspiracy was mentioned, its not in the post you referenced and copied?

It looks almost as if you are trying to throw a wrench in the wheel so to speak.

I originally heard of “Mike” from the Http//www.theamericandriver.com
from Best Selling Author Barbara Ehrenreich’s blog about “Truckers in D.C.”

I set out to find him many months ago and wrote to Ms. Ehrenreich who used to live in Key West, Florida.

We have mutual friends.

I was eager to write to Mike and I find out what I could do to help and get involved.

My email was undeliverable.

As many of you know, I wrote everything on my blog 1 letter at a time from a PDA, I only recently got a laptop as a Christmas gift.

I had little ability to view any complicated websites.

I was so fortunate to meet “Silver Surfer” thru
and I finally got in touch with “Mike”

The integrity of these Brother’s seeps through in their words.

This is what I mean by the difference in the “Good People” I have met since I came to Trucking.

I have not addressed something publically because I see Mr. Smelser craves attention, no matter what kind it is.

I talk about Dogs, Cats, Trucking, Human Rights, Showers heads that don’t work, High Thread Count Towels, Green Innovations whatever I want to.

I am an American on an American Experience.

I live in a country where I am allowed to have “Freedom of Speech”

I am allowed to say things.

I had a personal crime against me & my Children 20 years ago.

That crime was unexpedtedly solved in December 2007 by DNA Technology.

It has prompted legislatures to revise laws.
If you would like to read more about these Bills before the House of Representitives & Senate they are HB2932 and SB1558

I have been asked to help with a new bill in the State of Texas to protect the public from career criminal who have slipped through the cracks of society undetected who are actually sexual predators.

I never thought in a million years I would first be discussing this horribly tramatic event publically on a trucking website.

My Mother helped me write the letter because even though I am a good writer, it has been difficult to craft the words on this topic.

I plan to go to Texas in the next few weeks and join the Dallas Police Headquarters and other authority agencies, along with other victims to present my 20 year old story.

It is unrelated to trucking but because Mr. Smelser spends his days eavesdropping and twisting my words to drive attention to himself he decided he could get support by talking about “Islamic Jihadists” when I was talking about the Taliban and how they treat their Women.

I was talking about a certain sort of person, not nesscessarily a man, but a predatory person.

I think they have a Dateline show called “To Catch a Predator”

I have yet to finish my story.

I simply do not have the time to sit and write all the live long day.

On Twitter, I have 140 characters to make an effective sentence.

The majority of the people understand I am leading up to something that is still untold.

4 or 5 have completely freaked out trying to disect and twist my words into something to get attention for themselves.

Another 2 just want me to be quiet because I hit a nerve of something they do not want me to finsih talking about.

I have had threats of physical violence from friends of Mr. Smelser.

What a poor shame.

The majority is not like this.

Trucking is one of the last American Industries we have left in this Country.

Everyone needs to set their petty differences aside and stop trying change everyone to be more like them.

We have a common need.

We have a common goal.

To save our home.

Our home is the U.S.A. where I have the right to say what I think.

Have a Nice Day! :)

I have 2 corrections.
I was had been trying to contact JB at http://www.theamericandriver.com first & happily stumbled upon
his Brother “Silver Surfer” through http://www.truckersforum.net some months back.
I was able to get his email & sent him information about our VDOT story & didn’t know his VDOT story.
This is so GREAT!
We can ALL JOIN forces.
Also, my DNA case was solve December 2008, just a few months ago, I said 2007.
Ok, Bye

Desiree, as I have told you many times, you are an inspiration to many, including myself. You employ freedom of speech which our country represents and which we hold so dear to us. You have been through much more than the average person, and we all know that the title “victim” does not represent your personalty or demonstrate the motive for your words and actions. I have seen you stand up for others far more than for yourself and I applaud this action from the bottom of my heart. Your analogies describing “personality types” are understood by most and are embraced with that same understanding.
So glad you found SilverSurfer and JB, as we are too. Now it’s time for all to start making phone calls and writing letters to those in charge, those who will be placed in the spotlight and will be observed by mainstream society if their indifference, apathy, and thoughtless neglect for life are revealed.
I believe ALL differences from EVERYONE should be set aside and we become one voice. Our goals for positive change should stand at the forefront above all else and any petty differences should be discarded. We must forgive one another as we have been forgiven.
Carry on all! Let’s continue to “raise the standards of the trucking industry” together.

God be with us all,

Redneck, you see what you chose to see.

Shrug, I can read the writing on the wall. Go to the link, Read, do the date search, READ, or don't, I couldn't care less how long you decide to remain ignorant.

Associating yourself with a simpleton like Desiree is your choice.

It's NOT that she has spoken out, it is what else she has said. Many of us do not want to be associated with her likes.
When you choose someone to represent you, you need to look at the other things this person might be involved in or the other things they might be known for.

Desiree has commented that ; "Truckers have a notorious reputation & much of it is because the Industry Cultivates it.

Nice people would like this job but , Nice people don’t “Play Ball” in a corrupt & morally bankrupt environment.

There are many Good People in Trucking who leave while the Scum & Crime are continually cycled thru."

My question to YOU is. Are you scum? You're still trucking are you not? or are you "Nice People"? you can't be, your still here.

IT GOES ON. There is more to that comment, GO READ IT. Its a comment that Donna is quite proud of and inspired by. Comments like that will do SO much for the industry. When people that "might" be able to help us ask each other "who is this Desiree person" and the answer is, "An industry nobody, that feels her fellow truckers are Scum and Thugs" Can you see them LEAPING to listen to anything else she might have to say? Even if she is right? And she is right on one or two issue, but not of her own doing.

Desiree is Promoting Desiree, not you, not me, not Surfer, not trucking, She's a liberal Socialist with an agenda.

I and MANY others,will not be represented by the likes of Desiree or those "inspired" by her
She constantly points out all the horrible things that have happened to her, most of which she allowed.
Using a crime committed against her as leverage in this trucker issue is no better than prostitution.
And some of us don't care anyway.

There are many many comments cropping up on this very issue, many just don't care to be pointed out by Desiree as "Haters".
I'm working to help those people over come that and expose her for what she is. My numbers are unknown, yours are finite.

There is nothing to learn and nothing to fear from just one more affirmative action hiring. Covenant got their money for her.

The Funny part is, in the next few months, Desiree will be gone, the career of trucking long behind her. And there you will stand.

When you're ready to fight these battle as truckers, as part of the American family of truckers, I'll still be around, as will the hundreds that will not speak or help as long as she is involved.

This is my last comment here as I no longer like the company in the room.

Terence Smelser
Inn From the Night

Thanks Terence, thought you might have given up. The" truckers have a notorious reputation, and it is because the industry has cultivated it" remark, I am guessing here because I do not know exactly what she means. But, I would almost agree if it was meant because there are a lot of Nasty, trash talking, dirty brainless drivers out here driving today.

"Nice people would like this job but , Nice people don’t “Play Ball” in a corrupt & morally bankrupt environment" remark again I will almost agree with her 100% same as above, but adding that most companies also have the "corrupt" people working for them, and they are ONLY in it for the money.

My company, your company everybody's company cares only that they made a dollar or two. That is my interpretation of what she commented on. They could care less about you, me or any of their drivers. Again, this is my opinion of the remarks that you pointed out, I am not going back to read all that was posted, just using what you pointed out.

Yes, Terence I am still trucking, and yes I guess I am scum. No take that back I am a nice person working for a scum in my company. How was that?

The funny thing is, is she is making people listen to her. Right or wrong people will listen and always listen to her. But, you and your friends have been set off by this. You, guy's and gals can't stand it because a "n00b" too truck driving is getting noticed. All I can say to this is you all need to get over it. She has a voice and knows how to use it.

The funny thing here is, you keep referencing to (others) and (we) and (us), these are all plural, but I only see your comments, and a couple others. Like I have said before I really must have came late into this game, because i sure have not seen or heard anything as of whenever I started following Desiree.

If there are MANY others as you say, they don't want to comment for fear of being a hater? That's sounds like a hypocrite to me, thinks one thing but wont say it for fear of being labeled.

You also keep referencing, that Desiree is not going to be around much longer. How do you know? Whats this great all seeing source, you must have?

I am ready to fight these battles, and am fighting these battles right now. What are you doing? Besides going around and trying to deface Desiree and Obama. That seems to be the most of your tweeting and blogging.

I for one don't care if you comment or not. Your last remark seems as if you want me to beg you to stay, which is NOT going to happen in this lifetime. See your last comment tells it all, if it is not Terence Smelser's way then I am going somewhere else. Big deal, who cares..I hope your "crew" is laughing there ass's off when you go back to tweeterville and tell them how you where nice and all. But I told them how it was..
I almost bet, my weeks pay, you will be back here posting. Because you wouldn't be able to not know what was going on. Cya, buddy have fun and be safe!


I am So Lucky That I found your blog and great articles. I will come to your blog often for finding new great articles from your blog.I am adding your rss feed in my reader Thank you…

Thank you Desiree you are an inspiration to myself and others in the trucking industry.

Change takes time, change takes Balls (which some on this forum do not have) and change takes courage.

Desiree is a wonderful, dedicated, courageous, young woman who has decided to DO SOMETHING to change an industry that needs changing.

Thank you Girl Friend…..


OK, lets see here, ummm, yes there is a lot of change needed in this industry. For one, people need to bring these things to the attention of the management and if nothing happens, then go public. Either by contacting OOIDA who loves to sue the shit out of companies who do not take care of the driver, just ask Prime Inc. who is going thru their 3rd lawsuit which they lost the previous two. Slow learners I guess. We have many, and I mean many ways to take these companies on. I work for a major, and if any of this was found out with our trainers, they would be fired, and charges would be pressed. After that what else can we really do? By going out to the press, do we really change anything other the publics view of truckers? How many times have you been looked at differently when someone finds out you drive for a living? I have noticed quite a bit, and it is usually not a good thing. Maybe I run in different circles, or am truly ignorant of the ways of the world, but I have always found a good lawyer, and a strong back bone have gotten me thru a lot of shit in the world, not just trucking. My only hope is that when we take this leap, and start yelling, it is because of truth and not some ones hurt ego.

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