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AA Highway KY – Dangerous Highway

Posted on : 27-03-2009 | By : Truckdrivernews | In : Thoughts from a trucker, Tractor trailer accident, truck driver Industry


Have you ever traveled the AA Highway through Kentucky from Cincinnati,OH. to Grayson,KY.? It is called the AA Highway, because it is named for where it begins to where it was supposed to end. The Highway begins in Alexandria,KY. and was supposed to end in Ashland,KY.

It actually runs from I-275 loop around Cincinnati,OH. to either Grayson,KY and I-64 or if you do not turn off it will run you RT. 23 in Greenup,KY. There is a lot of truck traffic on this road, as it cuts off something like 75 to 100 miles if you are traveling from Cincinnati,OH. to Lexington,KY. to I-64 to go east towards WV…or vice verse if you are traveling from WV. towards Cincinnati, OH.

I have lived for my entire life, and ever since this Highway was built there have been tons of wrecks on it. I could not tell you how many people have been killed on this road, But I will Bet you it is way up there. The road is not that old compared to others. It is a 20+ year old road, the problem with the road is there are way to many places for vehicles to gain access the road.

Speeders on this road are also a common site. Kentucky does a speeding blitz every year around May, they set the speed limit electronic signs up, and the police go crazy for a few days.

I have seen speeding tickets ranging from 60/55 mph to 100/55 mph in the local paper. Of which rarely there is a Truck driver caught during this time. If you have traveled it, then you understand on the northern end of it, it is fairly hilly and trucks need to get a run at some of those hills. Which normally I have traveled it at 65 mph with no trouble. I have paid the price a couple of times also, once for 74/55 mph and another for 71/55 mph. One was reduced to 60/55 mph and the other was a warning. Both were in a big truck, and both were after ascending a big hill and letting the truck roll over the other side.

There have been numerous tractor trailer accidents on this road. Due to the fact of all the places a car/pick-up can access this road.

Fog is a big contributor of accidents on this highway as well. There was talk a couple years ago about trying to widen this road to a four lane all the way. The road is a four lane when you first get on it for about 15 miles, then it goes to a two lane road. Not a whole lot of places to pass on this road either. It does have a few slow lanes on hills but that is it.

The reason for this post, is just to maybe bring and awareness to a driver that mights see this route on his/her map and try to save time, when in reality the shortest route is not always the fastest route. Stay safe out there, and if you get up and around Tollesboro, KY on the AA Highway give us a honk, I live right off the Highway.

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Comments (2)

I have been a first responder and while yes the 4 wheelers zip on thru. Countless time i have seen the big truck blow thru the redlights. Big truck tailgating and big trucks rolling over in the shoulders.


Thanks for the comment AA First Responder. This is a typical response from somebody who doesn’t understand, why a truck seems to be tailgating or seems to have JUST ran that light.
I have ran several on the AA highway, just because it was safer to keep going than to try and stop and chance a jack knife or getting stopped in the middle of the intersection. What good would that do?
Trucks tailgating as you say, usually happens because the typical 4 wheeler driver cannot keep a constant speed and constantly speeds up and slows down. When this happens yes a truck usually will catch them pretty quickly. Or it will happen at the bottom of a hill, usually because a 4 wheeler is not paying attention that a truck is coming off the hill and will slow down and the truck keeps rolling at a constant speed, and catches said 4 wheeler quick.
My last thought, is if everyone would pay more attention, to their surroundings and LEARN to drive accordingly, there would be less wrecks.


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