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Introducing Myself

By SilverSurfer - Last updated: Sunday, March 29, 2009 - Save & Share - Comments

JB & SilverSurfer

I would first like to thank ARealRedneck for the invitation to be a contributor to this blog site. And I promise y’all I won’t abuse this honor.

I am a third generation ol’ schooled trucker, and have laid down over 1.5 million miles across our great country. In ‘02 I parked my rig during the attempted shut-down and drew my line in the sand (so to speak.) Decided not to return to the big road until positive change was achieved towards the betterment of the industry for truckers.

Since then my brother and I have been standing up and speaking out about issues effecting truckers. We have a site I maintain to assist truckers in their daily activities and keep y’all informed about trucking news.  I host a show every Sunday evening at 7pm est on talkshoe.com (United Group Conference,) bringing trucking news and issues to our brother truckers.  Anyone can participate in our show either in the chat, or by calling in (724-444-7444  ID: 30513#.)

We were one of the major organizers of the April 28, ‘08 convoy on D.C. Representing trucker’s in Senator Sessions office that same day. We were able to get Senator Sessions to introduce legislation which addressed the fuel crisis Americans were dealing with, only to be voted down by the full committee.  We are currently taking a strong stand on the issue of VA ticketing legally parked truckers then forcing them to violate their HOS reg’s and drive tired.

I am involved in an endeavor towards true unity…reaching out to my brother and sister truckers to stand together and speak out. Regain the brotherhood which once existed strong among truckers. Nobody is going to fix the problems we face for us…we must come together and fix them ourselves. This is the reality of achieving true positive change.

I’ll not turn this into a long post..but will encourage y’all to stand up and speak out. I am not one to take a stand on ignorance, and will be the first to point out to my fellow truckers if this is the case, when called upon for help. I am of the nature of straight-forward communication, but will always stand beside my fellow trucker when needed.

My contact info is…
[email protected]
940-642-1640 (I respond to all messages)

Safe Trails and God Bless,
Frederick (SilverSurfer) Schaffner


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