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Boycott Virginia by not Fueling, Eating or spending any money

Posted on : 02-05-2009 | By : Truckdriversnews | In : Boycott Virginia, Thoughts from a trucker, truck driver Industry


Well, Virginia still wants to close the rest areas and continue to harass tired truck drivers, by threatening tickets or jail time for parking. Let’s see how they like not getting any money for fuel, eating or anything in their state. Most trucks can make the drive through Virginia easy without fueling there. Now to get truckers through the state without having to spend money to eat or drink or anything Virginia has to offer.

We, must make a stand when safety is jeopardized and tickets are being written and even threats of being taken to jail for parking and trying to abide by the law. If, it were up to me Virginia and a few other select states could haul there own shit to their own state for being so unfriendly to truck drivers. Let’s send a strong message to these states.

All that needs to be done is some trip planning, your company will most likely even help you with this easy task. You should also, if you are a OTR driver have a cooler that you can store drinks and sandwich meat in. Buy, a loaf of bread (NOT in Virginia) and truck right on through the state. Fuel before you have to go into one of these states. It only takes a little trip planning and you could sail right on through no problems.

It’s time for truck drivers to step and gain some respect that we have let dwindle through the years of just letting these idiots do whatever they want to..to us. We need to take a stand, and we need to do it now! I know some of you can’t do this because of where you are located or what you have to do in the state of Virginia. But, when possible you can do it and it still will have the same effect.

Try, and set up your loads to where you can drive through Virginia without stopping. This way they get nothing extra, to what we already give them. They want to play their little ticket writing games they play, enforcing laws that were asked to be taken off the books years ago, but somehow got stepped over and forgotten. We, can play our games as well hit them where it hurts in there own pockets.

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Comments (6)

Greetings Jason

I have already skipped one fuel stop in Virginia & I am a company driver. It is a myth company drivers have NO fueling flexibility. We have varying degrees of flexibility from company to company & depending on the situation specifics of the route. I have 4 example I can request a new fuel route, & that us one technique I use.

Now I heard fred talk about tactics under a broader strategy goal. And one I would like to suggest is how to make the boycott a little more real. And it would be a great second addition for this article. Plus bulldog36 is ready to help. And that is post as your next article A BOYCOTT FLYER, as part of your next article. Explain in your article, please download this flyer and post at Virginia rest areas and fuelstops. On the flyer also note please copy and distribute. In short, make it real for the Virginians as far as the boycott is concerned.

Also on this flyer tell the Virginian citizens who support us how to order their consumables out of state through the Internet to support the boycott. This way even citizens of Virginia can help support the boycott.

I got a feeling when the mom & pop truckstops start seeing these flyers at their truckstop, somebody is going to start calling their legislator to get this fixed.


Damian, thanks for the comment. Those are great idea's, I will try with my next post. This was just my first attempt, just getting my feet wet..doing some feeling around. I will try to either post again today or tomorrow, and see what I can come up with.


[...] drivers are upset and frustrated by all of this and some, such as Truck Drivers News are now starting to encourage their fellows to boycott the State by not fueling, eating or spending [...]


I found your site because I was so annoyed with a traffic ticket I got that I wanted to boycott VIRGINIA . I was returning to Maryland from a nice Sierra Club trip with 2 friends in my car and going east on Route 66 trying to get the correct exit for Route 123 North . It was a Saturday and we were in the right-hand lane. I read the sign overhead and had to think 2-3 times what it meant – "HOV lane Mon-Fri only" …. with the times listed … so thinking , "Well, OK. it is Saturday, we are fine. Also there were lots of vehicles behind me — must be OK", I kept going in that lane. Now, I also saw another overhead sign, and thought it was a red X but that it was not lit up. " Wow, I can hardly see that, the light must be turned off". To be honest, I was really pre-occupied with trying to steer clear of other extremely rude dirvers on my tail. As we were finally pulling right to the exit ramp for Route 123 , a cop cruiser flagged me down. He told me I was "disregarding the red X'… both passengers and I responded " what X??". I am not trying to downplay my stupidity, but it really was very hard to see. On the Bay Bridge, the red X also has a constantly flashing light to bring it to your attention. I also had not driven Route 66 in about 2 years. As one of your other posters said, the cop was brusque to the point of rudeness, handed me a summons, for which the fine is $187. ( ($125 fine+$62 court costs.). As my passenger said, why were none of the other vehicles ticketed/. Could it be my Maryland tags?

Anyway, I'm going to court to explain that I could not see the sign properly and they could at least increase the wattage on those lights so they are good and bright. I have been told by other drivers that they really go after out of state drivers in Virginia and now I believe it. Good luck with your boycott campaign — I will wait to see if I can get a boycott flyer from your next article.

Thanks for letting me sound off – good luck


Hello Liz, thanks for commenting. The post has been updated with a link to a printable flyer ……..


OK, Thanks a bunch.


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