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Jason’s Law I’m sure you have heard of it

By Truckdriversnews - Last updated: Monday, May 4, 2009 - Save & Share - Comments

Well, maybe not this is something that needs to be put into law ASAP!

On Thursday March 5, 2009, Jason Rivenburg pulled his truck into a gas station that has been used frequently and considered to be some what safe. Jason was only twelve miles from his destination but could not make delivery because it was too early. His delivery never took place. Jason was shot and killed as he rested in his truck for $7.00. From the site

Just think if a law like this were in place, then people wouldn’t have to worry as much about something happening to them, while they tried to sleep. It would in fact most likely clean a lot of the nasty truck stops up as well. I think you all know what I mean by nasty truck stops. If lights and camera’s were installed, and even so much as private security gaurds or police present’s the nasty lot lizards would stay away.

Congressman Tonko presented this to congress April 28, 2009 and it was covered live on C-span TV.
Congressman Tonko has written proposed wording for legislation that is going to be sent to the House of Representatives Transportation Committee in the near future. We need everyone to write to their legislators and ask them to support this legislation. Please spread the word. If you use this link Contact Elected Official which is located on this blog, it is pretty easy to find your legislator and e-mail them and ask them to support this.

Jason was taken away from his loving wife who was pregnant at the time with twins and a son who just turned two years old. We really should remember them as well, as this really has to be hard for them all.
Jason was just 35 years old, he left this earth way to soon and in such a tragic way. A law like this would and should have prevented something like this from happening.

I received word that SilverSurfer_TX will be writing about this tonight. They had the privilege of speaking with Congressman Tonko on Plains radio this past weekend, I unfortunately missed the program I hear it was fantastic. Maybe SilverSurfer_TX will talk in detail of the program, I hope so.

Anyway, I would like to ask that each and everyone of you out there to say a little prayer for the Rivenburg Family and try to send them some loving thoughts, I am sure this has exhausted the family a great deal. From the sound and looks of thing’s they have been non-stop from day one.

Donations can be made to the:
Jason Rivenburg Memorial Fund
c/o Trustco Bank
1900 Altamont Ave.
Rotterdam, NY 12303

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