Married and Trucking

I have heard this time and time again. Trucking is not for a married couple. The hardest part is the first year but, this is the hardest part of being married also. I have been happily married for 15 yrs, and it was hard in the beggining but it soon started getting better.

What is the number one reason husband and wives fight? Money, is the answer! Married couples fight over money, or the lack of money to be specific all the time. When I first started driving trucks I was making $.10 cpm splitting $.20 cpm I tell you I was gone for 31 days straight and I don’t know if I had a positive check or not, it has been too many years ago.

I can remember my wife calling me and screaming at me because I got another negative check. This happens to a new driver trust me, it is expensive living out on the road. This was 13 years ago so I know it is probably more expensive now.

I didn’t last long as an OTR driver, just because of this. I quit that company and started working local and I immediately started seeing some money.

Over the years, I have learned somethings to kinda help drivers while on the road coping with being alone and away from your family. Some drivers get pets, others team drive this all works pretty good. Although don’t get me wrong I love animals, but I don’t love having to stop and walk animals. I also do not believe I could team drive again, there would be a murder committed on the truck I know it.

If, your wife or husband does not work have them get on the truck with you. Most if not trucking companies allow riders to go along with a driver. Warning, before trying this explain to he/she that it is a confined area. But, if they are ok with that then you are all set.

If you must leave the wife or husband at home. Then, DON’T leave mad. Never get into an argument before you leave out, and if you do then make sure you make up before you head out. Get a cell phone, so you can keep in contact with your loved ones. Most cell phone company’s have unlimited talk/ and Text.

Call in often and check in, or at least tell them to call you. Always kiss and tell your partner you love them before leaving. One thing my wife and I have agreed on is. Don’t talk about money situations, you are a driver 3000 miles away from home, you have too much to worry about while driving, let alone trying to wonder why you your check is small.

OK, so I will leave you with this. It is possible to be married and also to be a truck driver at the same time. Trust me, I am doing both.

Have a safe week cya!

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