Hurt on the job ~ Not worth it

As many of you know, I was hurt on the job April 27th of 2009. I sprained my ankle climbing off the back of my tanker trailer. The first three days of my injury, my company had me to stay in my truck stuck at a terminal in Dundee,MI. This believe it or not is a lot better accommodations than they previously had suggested to me. The terminal in Dundee,MI. has a old house on it, that is livable a matter a fact the mechanic was living there up until Christmas. It had running water, and electric and there was a bed in it and a couch and stove and refrigerator. The bed looked as if someone had slept in it the night before. The running water must have been in the sink only because a trickle is all I got out of the shower.

Anyway, I went back to the Dr. on that Wed. and the Dr. released me back to work with restrictions, of no walking, no climbing , and standing as tolerated. My company picked right up on the point that there was not a restriction of no driving listed on it. But the Dr. also wanted me off work for two more weeks. Well, the company said I needed to go home, and that I was too drive the load on my trailer to Shippingport,PA and unload it and could go home from there. This is 11 hours of very hard driving, but I did it.

I made it home Wed. night and my ankle was the size of a small basketball from driving and working it so much. I sat at home Thursday, and that night at 8:30 pm my terminal manager calls and said the safety guy called and said for me to be in the office in the morning at 8:00 AM, that they had light duty for me to do. I got there the next morning and they put me in the parts room doing inventory (which required me to walk and stand). I lasted six hours and my ankle was hurting so bad, I finally said f*ck it and went home.

Then Monday I was told to do the same thing only this time I was put in an abandoned office. I was told to sit in the chair and do nothing. This is what I have done since then up till now. Except for the days I go to the Dr and therapy, and I was told since I had three hours of driving to and from the Dr’s office and a couple hours at the Dr’s office that there was no need for me to come in.

I have had a bad feeling about this since it happened. I believed they were screwing me all along. I went and met witha Lawyer today to discuss this problem. He said that if the Dr in KY said I could return to work with restrictions, and the company could come up with a job that accommodated my restrictions then in KY by law they were NOT required to pay me BUT not less than minimum wage. So today I find ou that they are ONLY paying minimum wages to sit there and that it is completely legal.

He is writing a letter to the insurance company and going to try and force them to pay my other wages, or a settlement.

Don’t get hurt on the job in Kentucky…I feel as if they are blackmailing me by swinging my $1000.00 a week bring home pay in front of me and handing me a 40 hour work week check at $6ሯ an hour. The lawyer said this basically what they are doing. I will update this as it happens..

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