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ALERT: Jason's Law H.R. 2156 Listening, to @askthetrucker aka Allen Smith of www.askthetrucker.com today on Blog Talk Radio. He had a special show on Jason's Law, and also had a special guest, Jason Rivenburg's Uncle Timothy Hardendorf....


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ALERT: Jason’s Law H.R. 2156

Posted on : 17-05-2009 | By : Truckdriversnews | In : Boycott Virginia, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Jason's Law, Political News, truck driver Industry


Listening, to @askthetrucker aka Allen Smith of www.askthetrucker.com today on Blog Talk Radio. He had a special show on Jason’s Law, and also had a special guest, Jason Rivenburg’s Uncle Timothy Hardendorf. He (Timothy) told all the listener’s how to help out with getting this Bill passed. He said we need to call our Senators and Representative’s by telephone it only takes a couple of minutes.

He talked about how Jason had picked up the load which south of Fultonham, NY. with three stops one in New Jersy, and one in Virginia, and then his final stop in South Carolina. He delivered the first one in New Jersy, then onto Virginia, and delivered if Virginia didn’t have the 2 hour parking limit law then he could have stayed somewhere other than South Carolina. But, with the way shippers and receivers have the “Just in Time” deliveries set up because of how manufacturing is today. He had to continue on to get closer to his last delivery, where he paid the ultimate price.

They (Timothy Hardendorf and family) met with Congressman Tonko Friday night at a function and that he had said they were doing everything they could and talking to everybody they know that will listen to get on board with this. They have 20 co-sponsors so far which is not unusual but it is more than most bills get.

The main focus of this show was to get the word out about Jason’s Law - H.R. 2156 we need everybody to call there senator’s and let them know you support this Bill and that they should also. You can find the information on this Blog site it is called Contact Your Elected Official

One last thing Timothy Hardendorf said was you can just send a post card with your message on it, but a phone call will defiantly be effective, and 5000 phone calls would really be effective in getting your senator of your state on board. Let them know how important this bill is. You can find information on the Rivenburg family website as well.

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