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Brotherhood of Truck Drivers

Posted on : 18-05-2009 | By : Truckdriversnews | In : Boycott Virginia, Jason's Law, Political News, Thoughts from a trucker, truck driver Industry


The last few days, I have seen these words pop up in several places all over the web. What do they mean?

1. Answer: Brotherhood – the whole body of persons engaged in a business or profession.
2. Answer: Truck – to exchange commodities
3. Answer: Drivers – one that drives

This is what I found for the answer. I do not see anywhere, where it says it must be one that owns and operates a truck for a business. I do not see where it says anything about joining an organization. But, it does say the WHOLE body of persons engaged in a profession or business. To exchange commodities, and one who drives.
Sounds like to me it would mean anyone who drives a truck, whether you are a company driver or an owner operator.

We are all in this together, whether or not you believe this to be true or not. If you drive a truck then you are part of this Brotherhood. The unions use this slang name as a form of unity, but it is not only for the union drivers/workers. We are all apart of one big Brotherhood.

I hear company drivers all the time saying, well it does not effect me any why should I be of concern. Well, brother you better be concerned, because it most defiantly concerns you. You are getting the same shaft as the owner operator and do not know it. We all have to play by the same rules, do the same pre-trip, do the same log book, and drive the same hours. The rules in this business does not play favorites.

I hear the small band of brothers on the CB radio sometimes while I am out on the road. When you see some trucker broke down on the side of the road, you will hear that small band of brothers ask that driver if he has help on the way. Or you will hear that small band of brothers call out the police, or a wreck or just something of interest.

We are a Brotherhood of Truck Drivers, and we must start showing people we can be of one voice. We need to drop all this well I am an owner operator, so I have more say bull crap. Company drivers have a say in trucking as well. Yes, I am a company driver, I have never owned a truck nor do I ever plan to own a truck. The way fuel is right now and freight and insurance and nobody having any money. Owner operators are lucky to make the same amount of money a company driver makes, plus without benefits. In the long run yes, owning the truck gives you more say, but more than likely you will being pulling the same freight I am, to the same customer.

Tank drivers and flat bed drivers are probably the most likely to help each other out, no matter what company you work for or if you own the truck or not. I know with my company, I pull a tanker I have given help as well as received help from other company’s drivers. When I pulled a flat bed, it was same thing. I will admit when I pulled a box trailer, what little I did pull of it. When I needed help there was always somebody around.

We have to pull together, and try to stop fighting amongst ourselves. We need to put the fight towards the ones that want to harm us.It’s our lives out there, our safety is on the line. We need to call our senators, we need to write them, email them if possible, drop them a post card. There are probably hundreds of Jason Rivenburgs out there.  But, if this bill does not get put into law there will be more than that. The hard part is over now we need to just do some talking on the phones. Your senator of your state works for you, you say if he/she stays in office. Maybe they need to be reminded of that.

This Virginia Boycott we are calling for, is another important issue that we need to make our voice heard on. The hard part is just beginning  on it. We need to start spreading the word, putting up flyers , writing on bathroom stalls, however you can help spread the word. Let’s hit them where it counts, let’s take the money away from them. They will soon see, we are a powerful voice we can get things done. Here is a link to the page for the boycott flyers, once the page opens look towards the bottom and you will see a green button says “printer friendly” click that and print off however many flyers you want to give out. One last thing before I go, you do not need to drive a truck to help with this boycott. If, you are going to be traveling through Virginia, you can do the same thing. If you need some trip planning help you can contact a truck driver they can help you. PLEASE help us spread the word!

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Comments (1)

This is such a good article because it opens up the definition of the word "brotherhood" and actually allows for expansion of the word.

Without getting too long winded or philosophical, I'd like to say that I believe any brotherhood is a group of people who share similar beliefs and lifestyles and are supportive and empathetic with the problems and circumstances which arise for those within the group.

I myself don't drive, but I've been involved with trucking for so many years through my husband Allen Smith's "trucking life" and efforts, that I feel a great empathy and compassion for those within the industry. Through the years I've been able to learn and understand what goes on within OTR, through direct communication with many other drivers and their circumstances, and because of that I've felt compelled to be an advocate for drivers rights and needs.

I'm not sure if I myself qualify for the term "brotherhood", but perhaps the title
"caring step sister" may be more in order.
What I do know however, is that there are some within the industry who, although are part of the lifestyle and circumstances, have chosen to separate themselves through apathy or indifference, and are not truly a part of the brotherhood…….and then there are those, like myself, who feel so strongly the need to support the men and women within the trucking industry, that they've become "adopted into the family"

In any case, It is evident lately that many who were once separated and without concern are now being brought back into the fold with enthusiasm and compassion for one another.

The biggest and most moving event that I've noticed however, has been that those who were once working so diligently to improve the industry on their own, are now finding one another so that their efforts are now being combined and more effective. This is a wonderful movement which is happening as it offers everyone involved more support and encouragement to prevail in the positive direction they were led to go in, for the benefit of others.
….and that's the key phrase:
"For the benefit of others"
Brotherhood is an unselfish desire to help those within your lifestyle or profession for the benefit of everyone involved.

I'm happy to be able to help in anyway I can for a group who has been so misunderstood and whose lifestyle is so sacrificial and unrecognized.

Thank you Jason for writing this and allowing me to say all this.


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