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Hostile Training Environment in Trucking Industry

Posted on : 20-05-2009 | By : Truckdriversnews | In : Women in trucking, truck driver Industry


What’s that you say? Hostile training environment in the trucking industry? Yes, and it is between Male trainers and Female trainees. This is a very real problem, that these trucking companies need to address at once. This is not right, women should be respected and not have to worry about going to work at the so called “man’s job”.

We are of course talking about sexual harassment, rape,etc.. This goes on in more places than you can imagine. Yes, even in trucking but it is not been publicized like with other business’s. There are lot’s of cases on the internet about this. But, yet it still is not getting covered well enough, because if it were not for these strong women standing up for what they know is right then know one would find out about it.

It’s bad when this does happen, and the woman reports it and the person she reports it too tells her that is not sexual harassment. There are a few cases where the wives of drivers, who were wanting to go teaming with their husbands, were raped or sexually harassed. I don’t know about you, but the hell with the job, somebody would probably be dead if that happened to my wife. Especially if the company tried to cover it up and say there was nothing going on.

There should not be male trainers for women trainees, not having to stay in the same truck. I realize there probably are not enough women trainers to go around, but still this should not happen. If this does happen to be the only way the woman can be trained, then it should be done locally and the woman goes to a motel every night.

I know also, I have seen this first hand a woman gets turned down for a job just because she is a woman. What does that have to do with anything? I used to be a truck driver instructor at a trucking school a few years ago, and my best students were women. They were much easier to train, and could drive a whole lot better than the male students I trained.

We recently had a woman apply at my company, and I am a trainer at my company. We only have two or three women that work in our company from other terminals. Well there is a total of four trainers at my terminal. Three are not married and are what you would say “Whore Dogs”. When this woman applied I kept asking my terminal manager (who is a woman) who was going to train her? She said if it is a problem with your wife, then I will find someone to train her besides you. I told her that this woman would be the safest with me. I been married for 15 years, if she don’t trust me now she ain’t never going to trust me. My wife said she would have no problem at all, with me training a female driver.

Intimidation is a big problem why more women don’t come forward about this. The attacker, yes I called them an attacker tells them they will be fired for the telling what happened. This is not true, and if you were fired for it, and if this was the only thing that has happened during your training period and you can prove the male trainer did do this, you may own the company.

I can only imagine this must be very traumatic for any woman to go through. I just wished more women would come forward, and not be scared to take action against these attackers. This is a job, and everyone should feel safe while working for a company. A man, and I use this term lightly here that would rape a woman, is just above a child molester in my book. Because basically you are committing the same crime. Child molesters pick children because they can intimidate them, and scare them into doing anything, just the same with a rapist.

That little saying that Fred (SilverSurfer) Schaffner always say’s applies here to all women. “STAND UP, SPEAK OUT OR ACCEPT WHAT COMES!!!”.

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Thank you for writing this post! I have had so many women contact me personally who have been humiliated, intimidated attacked and/or raped as they attempted to become truckers. In the student phase of trucking you expect to be called names or have people make fun of you sure BUT you do not expect your company who actively has recruited you to put you on a truck & make you live with a PREDATOR!
Very little if any emergency information is given to students when they leave orientation & go onto their trainers trucks.
In my case, my trainer was a young female who should have told me how to send an SOS on the Qualcomm & delete it so I could get help. I was advised of nothing & treated WORSE by my company , HR Department & other Women who are in charge to giving guidance to Women entering trucking!
The majority of the people I met are good BUT the bad ones KNOW the system & work it to their advantage at every turn.
A major investigation , exit interviews & overhaul of the GROSS over production of student truckers that provide a cheap labor force to big trucking.
Everyone benifiting from the tax incentives & Kudos for bringing women into this industry while looking the other way at the violence that is occuring should be held accountable.
I had a VICTORY in Austin Texas yesterday for new legislation in the Capital regarding a 20 year old cold case.
A rape I lost hope would ever be solved. The man who committed this crime has lesser crimes & looks better on paper that most of the student truckers I met in orientation & I waas expected to live alone with them on a truck for 6 months to learn to drive it!
The Trucking Industry should understand RIGHT NOW the transparency that the internet & Twitter provide.
The Senators I gave my testimony to yesterday were quite intrigued with me coming to Austin to speak publically.
I intend to continue to talk & write because I do not appreciate my gender & race being for sale. If Trucking is receiving Gov’t incentives for me or anyone else, I damn well better be kept safe & learn!


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