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Virginia and their Games they play

Posted on : 21-05-2009 | By : Truckdriversnews | In : Boycott Virginia, Thoughts from a trucker, truck driver Industry


In case you have not heard, or seen yet. Virginia announced yesterday their plan on the closing of rest areas. They have changed the number some, from 25 to 19 rest areas they still want to close. But, they are adding up to 225 additional parking places to the ones that will remain open.

The thing that gets me, and many others in an uproar is how they decided to handle the Tow hour parking limit issue. They are going to replace the signs with NO OVER NIGHT PARKING signs. How does this help tired truck drivers? We don’t have eight to five jobs as they most likely do.

So, I guess now when the signs get changed as long as you the driver must take a mandatory break it had better be during the daytime hours? Who, thinks these ideas up? Do they really think the American Truck Driver is that stupid?

I saw a press release from the ATA a little while ago, wanting a pat on the back for their efforts in this matter. For what? I ask.. I called the ATA, but only got a voice mail as usual. These places don’t want to help the drivers in anyway shape or form. They want the people behind them. But, in my eyes it seems like the wrong bunch of people.

The ATA went as far as to say that getting the two hour parking limit removed was a good thing. Well, yes it was, but when they added the no over night parking is the same thing that they removed. You, the driver still won’t be able to pull into the VA rest areas and take a full mandatory break.

We, still need to get the word out on the boycott of Virginia let’s not let this slip away. We have a chance to bring Virginia to their knees, if all of you will just try and follow what is on our print out flyer

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