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Invasion of Privacy?

Posted on : 23-05-2009 | By : Truckdriversnews | In : Political News, Thoughts from a trucker, truck driver Industry


Tennessee speeders could get fingerprinted – Motorists stopped for traffic violations in Tennessee could be fingerprinted if state lawmakers approve a bill pending in the legislature. Currently, when drivers are cited during traffic stops, police officers ask for the driver’s signature on the ticket, but the proposed bill would allow police departments to eliminate signatures and collect fingerprints. Full Story

I don’t see where this would be an invasion of privacy, I mean if you are wanted by the police I don’t think you would be speeding up the road drawing attention to yourself.

Supporters say collecting fingerprints would save money and help police determine whether the driver is wanted for a criminal offense, but opponents worry that it allows the government to tread on individual privacy rights.

“The way I see it, if they take your fingerprint, they have access to your history and that’s an invasion of privacy,” said Martha Simms, 27, a mother of two who recently got a speeding ticket in Davidson County.

They are the police, you broke the law I guess that gives them the right to look into your history. I think this is a fair bill.

Here is the link for the bill numbers

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Comments (6)

Caution, my friend. This action is a violation of our 4th & 5th amendments, and this is another attempt to get the citizens to surrender those rights. Keep in mind what's being suggested and pursued.

What if I'm driving down the road and my tail light burns out? If this bill is adopted and I get a fix-it ticket..the gov't (state or federal) can now impede into my personal life and do background checks. Now this may be considered a good idea to identify hardened criminals..but I'm not a criminal and this is a violation of my rights.

This is the game our gov't plays to get us to quitely surrender our rights. I, for one, am not willing to surrender the very rights men and women have died to protect.



Well, I guess I never looked at it like that. But, still what if this was a way for them to catch someone who had just committed a crime against a family member, or a friend of the family, someone close to you? This would defiantly be a quick way to catch some of these trouble makers, that elude the police all the time.

I also bet this would cut down on the speeders, and all. Because if you know you are doing something wrong and you know when you get caught you are going to be fingerprinted, I bet you would think twice about it.


Brother..ya know I have nothing but love and respect for ya. But this is the very psycological ploy being used to get us to surrender our constitutional rights. There are realities of life a citizen should always be aware of, and therein is the main deterent to avoid being a victim of a crime. Awareness and the right to defend oneself is the answer to avoid becoming a victim to a crime. This is what I was taught as a young man…and it is also the reason I have avoided becoming a victim on a few occasions.

Allow me to point out that if someone close to me was to become a victim…I would be effected as anyone would…but I do not believe that should rationalize others having to surrender their constitutional rights because of a reality of life. I do expect the authorities to do their job…but within the framework of our constitutional rights. I know this sounds rough…but it is what I was raised to believe. Constitutional freedoms take a back seat for no one…not even myself.



SIlverSurfer..I am going to throw in the tow here, We could go on and on and on. But, the outcome would be the same, I will agree to disagree with you on this. My family comes first before anything, thats how I was raised and thats how I live.


It seems to me like a classic "Slippery Slope" argument. Once a government agency gets the ability to collect finger prints from speeders they will want a drop of blood or a urine sample or a piece of hair or a retina scan or… Well, you get the idea. It's the reason I am against gun registration laws, it will just make the guns easier to find when someone decides they know better than I do about my rights and family. If I really thought it would help solve crime, perhaps but the cost seems to high for the perceived benefit. If we stay off the slope here we don't risk falling into the bottom of the ditch.


TDN…no need to throw in the towel. You stated it quite well, and I'll say agreed. I would though like to add one last thing. I too firmly believe family comes first…and foremost. But what would life be like without our constitutional freedoms? What good can a man truly do for his family when his hands are tied? Just food for thought.

Alan…that's definitely one way to look at it.



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