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Police Find a Million Dollars in a Stolen Vehicle Near Bloomsburg

Posted on : 01-06-2009 | By : Truckdriversnews | In : Thoughts from a trucker, truck driver Industry


First a truck is reported stolen then it is found. About ten miles away but with one million dollars inside.

Now investigators in Columbia County are trying to figure out if it’s drug money and how the cash got there.

Investigators say on Saturday two men from Florida Dairan Calderon and Camilo Gomez followed a truck driver to the Truck Stop in Buckhorn near Bloomsburg. When the truck driver went inside, police say the two men stole the tractor and left the trailer. The truck driver reported to police his tractor was stolen.

Police say just 30 minutes later they found Calderon and Gomez at the McDonald’s here in Mifflinville just 10 miles away.

“They were a little startled but that was pretty much about it. There was no incident. They didn’t try to take off or anything like that,” said Shawn Young, South Centre Police.

Police then searched the vehicle. They say what they found inside in a compartment was unusual.

“It was odd that there were black bags where batteries should be,” said Chief Michael Vandine.

Investigators tell us inside those bags were about $1 million. Columbia County District Attorney Gary Norton says, an investigation is underway and they are looking to see if there is a connection to drug activity.

“It’s odd but interstate 80 is know to be a drug trafficking corridor,” said Norton.

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