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Long Haul Truckers Are Getting Spoiled On A New SleepDog Mattress

Posted on : 02-06-2009 | By : Truckdriversnews | In : Healthy Truck Driver, Thoughts from a trucker, truck driver Industry


For long-haul truckers, getting a good night’s sleep is a necessity. With a new SleepDog mattress, it can also be a luxury.

SleepDogMattress.com (a division of BedinaBox.com) is proud to introduce our full line of American-made (manufactured in Mount Airy, North Carolina) memory foam truck mattresses built to sleeper-cab specifications.

According to the Transport Accident Commission of Australia, fatigue-related
accidents account for some 20% of fatal wrecks on the road, and the sheer size of a big-rig makes it that much more important for those drivers to remain awake and alert while they’re behind the wheel.

What’s the best way to combat fatigue during the work day on the highways? Invest in a high-quality SleepDog memory foam truck mattress for the cab. Memory foam is superior to traditional innerspring mattresses because it allows body weight to be distributed evenly, meaning drivers won’t suffer from pressure points that disturb sleep. The result: truckers have more energy, more focus and less aches and pains. Longer-lasting than the effects of any energy drink, a deep rest will provide proper energy for the daily demands of life on the road.

We appreciate the hard work truckers do that keeps America running, and we know how important it is to fight fatigue so that they stay safe on the job. Our best advice: never underestimate the value of a good night’s sleep– and never underestimate the value of a quality mattress. Our SleepDog truck mattress will be every trucker’s best friend. Please check our website at www.sleepdogmattress.com or call 866-953-1019.

Press Information:

414 Industrial Park Drive
Piney Flats, Tennessee

Contact Person:
Matt Burgess
Senior VP
Phone: 180
email: email

Web: www.sleepdogmattress.com

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