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Women In Trucking ~ Are they for real?

Posted on : 02-06-2009 | By : Truckdriversnews | In : Thoughts from a trucker, Women in trucking, truck driver Industry


Yesterday I posted a blog post about Women In Trucking it can be read here. I posted a blocked quote of an article about WIT. I then wrote my opinion on this organization, and left the comment section open for comments. I then checked my e-mail this evening and was surprised to have received a “personal” e-mail from the president of WIT ~ Ellen Voie. The funny thing was it had correction listed in the subject part of the e-mail.

I thought maybe, the quoted part of the article was wrong, or maybe I had misread what was on WIT’s twitter page, which I might add is public for everyone to read.

This is the e-mail message I received from Ellen Voie:

I passed truck driving school with flying colors and never asked anyone to buy a book. If you are going to share your opinions, could you make sure that you check your facts?

Is that right? Well, I took your advice and did a little investigating. You’re twitter page tells a little different story. Here is a screen shot of the page…

Well, I am sorry to tell you FAILING and having to RETEST is not passing with FLYING COLORS..

Now onto the book that you wrote about going to Truck Driving school. It is called “Crushing Cones” I believe? Funny how you say you never asked anyone to buy a book. But, in reality you have asked several times. Here is another screen shot:

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Comments (4)

Dude ur a ####### stupid mother###### if you think you can drive better cause u got balls ur very narrow minded I don’t know why I even bother coming to your site! Let me tell ya my ol lady is 5′2 and 90lbs and she can drive the ball off a truck. You need to stop degrading girls and ya know what fuck ur FACTS – I mean u wast ur time trying to prove it takes a man to drive a rig lol wat a loser bro!!!! Tell ya what what u make urself out to be a hell of a trucker only to keep others from looking at ur mistakes. So fuck ur site and drink that bottle of piss in ur truck and try to save some brain cells. Oh and by the way I bet you flunked ur test to no one is perfect not even a male!! Hope to see ur sorry ass on the road cause this male is gonna stomp ur ass cause a degrading mind like yours is 9 times outta 10 a wife beater and that is a fact. So were ur wife beater shirt with pride u over sized shit ball.


Dude, this is most intelligent response I have ever read on any internet web page.
I would imagine you are one of those drivers that tries to control traffic with your truck on the interstate when there is a jam ahead.
You and your ilk are why there is so little respect for your industry.
ps Block my lane, then try to cut me off passing on the shoulder I will own you and your employer, I can’t wait, this IP-PBX world is whipping my fanny.


LOL! Bet you didn’t think I would approve that comment, and please note I DID NOT put in the number symbols, the OP did as they typed it or the software did but it LOL does not work right.

This comment was such a classic I couldn’t help but approve it.

BTW, Is this Ellen Voie’s husband/boyfriend? I know that was a low blow, but hey with that type of comment you can’t much blame me. About facts, I dont know what you mean, but the facts are in black and white right on this website and on Twitter.
Oh one last thing dude!! LOL! it’s funny cause I know this was either a gay person or a woman wrote this comment..
You won’t have to wait for me on the road, I can give you my address and you can stop by..we can see just how much a man you really are..

You can google 5114 W KY 10..zip code 41189 and that will lead you right too me..


I’ve never seen a guy take such great pains to perfectly type slang before.
I wonder if this material is copywrited because it is most certainly a piece of art.


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