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The iPhone Trucker App ~ Got your’s yet

Posted on : 08-06-2009 | By : Truckdriversnews | In : Thoughts from a trucker, truck driver Industry


Allen, from www.askthetrucker.com is committed to helping everyone related in the trucking industry and beyond. Allen and his wife Donna are two of the nicest people I have met on Twitter. They literally would/will do anything in their power to help out the fellow truck drivers, and probably anyone that was in need of help.

With the technology growing like it is Allen had developed an application for the iPhone that just recently came out. He named it appropriately Trucker app and it is available at the Apple store or on Allens website. It is available for just $.99 and is well worth that for all it does. All relevant trucker related links and applications are located within and accessed right at your fingertip.

Trucker App button

The home page for the trucker app, has been transformed into a visual like you are staring out of the windshield of your truck, with a working wiper blade and horn. It can also be set to use a picture that you have taken with your phone, or in many cases you can get the pictures that truckers send in from the road and Allen has loaded onto the app for your viewing pleasure. Allen will feature certain pictures throughtout the week, and it gives a really nice touch, to an already priceless tool.

The Trucker App, puts all available trucker related information right there in one application. The trucker App features:

  • Twitter Button!
  • Trucking Songs Videos
  • Trucking Videos
  • Weather Updates
  • Mileage Calculator
  • Accurate Driving Directions
  • Weigh Scale Locator
  • Low Clearance Directory
  • Legal Forms
  • Traffic Alerts
  • Informational PDF Files
  • Official U.S. Time Zones
  • Truck Wash Locator
  • Calendar of Events
  • Lowest Fuel Price Locator
  • Up-to-Date Crude Oil Price
  • Truck Stop Directory
  • Repair Services Finder
  • Better Truck Driving Job Locator
  • Owner Operator Load Board
  • Affordable Health Insurance Program
  • Trucking Industry News
  • Official Links for the Trucking Industry
  • Daily Thought
  • AskTheTrucker Blog
  • Trucking Sounds
  • BEST of Truth About Trucking “LIVE” – Blog Talk Radio!
  • This is all available to you at the touch of a button. The best feature the Trucker App has is, how easy it is to use. Most times if truckers or anyone for instance buys a tool or something to work with, it is usually suppose to make the job easier or why would you buy it? If I buy something and try to use it going down the road, and it seems to hard to use well it usually ends up being tossed in the sleeper to never be found again, or out the window. The Trucker app, is set up to click four times or less and you have what you are looking for.

    Allen can update the Trucker App, when needed. You know as well as I know Time is Money in the trucking industry. This is a very needed tool, if not the most needed tool. It will save you in the long run. The best part is I hear Allen is working on version 2 of this app…Man I can’t wait to see it!

    Allen, hands down this is the best tool by far I have seen yet. Now a driver does not have to go out and buyಏ different tools, it is all combind into one! Great Job!

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