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Raising Breast Cancer Awareness

Posted on : 12-06-2009 | By : Newsfortruckers | In : Healthy Truck Driver, Thoughts from a trucker, Women in trucking, truck driver Industry, truck shows


During October, which is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the members organizations of different organizations join forces to spread the message that early detection of breast cancer followed by prompt treatment saves lives. If you or a loved one has Breast cancer or has had it, then you already know what all this means. I am not sure myself what it all means, but will try my best at understanding it.

What is Breast Cancer?  Breast cancer is a type of cancer where cells in the breast divide and grow without normal control.  About 85 percent of breast cancers begin in the mammary ducts, while about 15 percent arise in the lobules.  Tumors in the breast tend to grow slowly.  By the time a lump is large enough to feel, it may have been growing for as long as 10 years.  However, some tumors can be aggressive, and grow much more rapidly.

Many women do not learn much about breast health unless they breastfeed or they have a problem that needs medical attention.  Becoming familiar with breast anatomy and physiology can help you understand the normal changes that occur during your lifetime.  This knowledge is a good place to start learning about health problems and conditions that affect the breasts.

The breasts are made up of a complex network of milk-producing sacs, passageways for carrying milk, supporting tissue, lymph nodes, glands, tiny muscles and fat. Throughout puberty and menopause, not only does the look of the breasts change but also the structure and function of the breasts.

An estimated 192굒 new cases of invasive breast cancer will occur among women in the United States during 2009. And an estimated 40,170 women will die from breast cancer. Also, about 1,910 men will be diagnosed and 440 men will die of breast cancer during 2009 in the United States. In addition to invasive breast cancer, an estimated 62,280 new cases of in situ breast cancer will occur among women in 2009. Of these, about 85 percent will be ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS).

All women are at risk for breast cancer. The two most important risk factors for breast cancer are being female and getting older. The risk of getting breast cancer increases as you age. Most breast cancers and breast cancer deaths occur in women aged 50 and older. Until more is known about preventing breast cancer, early detection and effective treatment offer the best defense against breast cancer mortality.

Breast cancer in men is rare, but it does happen.  In 2009, an estimated 1,9Ǫ men will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and 440 will die from it.  Signs and symptoms of breast cancer in men include: nipple discharge (usually bloody), an inverted nipple, a breast lump, and sometimes, local pain, itching and pulling sensation.  The survival rate of men is about the same as for women with the same stage of cancer at the time of diagnosis.  However, men are usually diagnosed at a later stage because they are less likely to report symptoms.  Treatment for men is the same as treatment for women and usually includes a combination of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and/or hormone therapy.

The reason that I am doing this article is to try an raise an awareness, for the simple fact I have had two family friends to die from this and really myself did not know much about it. So, I am sure there are lots of folks just like me out here today.  I mean yea, I have things on TV about it before, but to truely know what it is no I did not. Matter of fact I did not know men could get it as well.

I guess the first time I really started noticing vehicles that where trying to raise awareness to Breast Cancer was with Dale Hayden when he appeared on CMT’s Trick my Truck serious. His mother had died from Breast Cancer, and he had taken over taking care of his sibling’s anyway he could. His sister had been involved in a serious auto accident . Dale put his life and trucking carreer on hold to take care of her.  She, wanted to show her appreciation, and contacted Trick my Truck. Dale had a 99 international tractor that he worked, so they decided it needed a little work on it.

Here what the completed truck just before it was given back to Dale:

I’m not sure, if Dale is still on the road or not. I had heard he had some engine trouble a few month’s back and really have not heard anything since. If, he is out there running up and down the road, maybe he will give us an update. Good looking truck!

Now, since then I have been looking more closely to see if I could see anymore vehicles either in live, or on the internet. I have seen a couple more in live and a few more on the internet. Here is a recent trailer that trucking company Saia had painted up to bring Breast Cancer Awareness out:

Here are a few other pictures from around the web, see if you recognize any of these:


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Comments (4)

Thank you for taking the time and care to write such a well written and researched post.
My kids are always after me for getting my yearly mammogram and I do procrastinate.
After reading this I am writing it on my “to do” list…Literally, I’m writing it right now.

Please everyone, take the time out of your already over loaded life, and get tested!


Thanks Donna, for the kind words. Yes, it is very important especially for women to go and have this done. Early detection is what saves lives.


This is a really cool article Jason! I didn’t know all that stuff about Breast Cancer either!

I have a girlfriend whose Mother died from it when she was 17.

She told me that her Mother never told anyone she had it.

When she died, she had a hold that had eaten through her, she never went for treatment.

It was a total shock to my girlfriend that her Mother never did anything, said anything or let on she was sick or dying.

Thanks for writing this article.


Thanks Desiree. That very reason is why early detection works..Getting a exam and early treatment is the key.


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