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Renegade Trucking Companies Then and Now

Posted on : 13-06-2009 | By : Truckdriversnews | In : Thoughts from a trucker, Women in trucking, truck driver Industry, truck shows


I guess I need to clarify a few things, from a little small argument I was involved in on twitter today. I mentioned that I had done 6000 miles in a week, big deal. Now, it gets tweeted all over hell and creation that I am doing this now. 140 characters, it is pretty easy to get out of context, because you think you are following along with the conversation and your not.

Back when I started driving a truck, yes I guess you could call me a renegade truck driver. I did what HAD to be done in order to survive. The company I drove 6000 miles a week for was not a big company, we had four total trucks and trailers. I ran illegal all the time, I had a couple different log books I never hardly ever crossed any scales, and never once had an accident or speeding ticket or anything. I have hauled three or four loads per week from Cincinnati,OH to Houston,TX. plus loads from Houston back to Cincinnati,OH. so figure it up. I have hauled Hazmat loads with no placards, and nothing on my license either. I have done the little white pills, and driven for days without stopping. That was the way it was a long time ago.

I am so glad those kind of company’s don’t exist anymore, or if they do I don’t drive for them. A new person coming into trucking could not do a 1/3 of what I have done, no way possible. Back then we were renegade drivers we did what we needed to get things done.

Nowadays, we have what is called renegade trucking companies. Still making the drivers drive illegal, just not the same way. A new driver right out of school, should not be driving alone while the trainer is sleeping in the bunk. New drivers are way to inexperienced to do this. Students should not be put into team driver operations to be trained to drive a truck. They are being forced into these situations all the time.

These large trucking companies are so corrupt and mis-managed it’s not funny. There is so much that goes on behind closed doors so to speak. Women being raped and told they would never be able to work anywhere again, if they said anything. Yelled at, and being screamed at by a trainer is a form of abuse and should not be allowed.

It all has to do with the Hostile way company’s are allowing new drivers men and women to be trained. All these big companies want are bodies to fill seats. Then the government will pay them their money.

If you disagree, then you need to tune into Truth About Trucking “LIVE” will begin bringing this epidemic to light on Monday, June 15th, 2009 at 7:30 PM EST. Host Allen Smith, will present a one hour commentary on the trucking talk radio show, setting the stage for the main broadcast which will be on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009 at 7:30 PM EST. With a special guest panel, the 2 hour show will reveal the truth behind the bullying and violent assaults that many CDL students and new drivers are facing within the trucking industry. Future shows will be slated, as we continue to push forward in order to stop these acts from occurring, and to demand that the trucking companies who knowingly allow these acts to continue, STOP!

Solutions to the problem will be a major focus for the show. It�™s time to report these acts of violence and let it be known that the correct measures must be put in place to prevent them from happening.

Monday, June 15th, 20ǩ – 7:30 PM EST -Bullying in the workplace

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009 – 7:30 PM EST – Hostile Training and Work Environments within Trucking

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Comments (13)

This Is a very good point that you make as I have a teen who is dying to get behind the wheel before he is “legal to drive” and because he has heard that I have been driving since I was 14 Hauling 4000 bales of hay in a Low boy from Decateur Tx to Burleson Tx. every summer to buy my first car! I must say to him “THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW”! A lot has changed since 1973.


Hey, while I may be new myself to the business, I was raised in this industry. May I ask you something before all these shows come out? Are you taking in the consequences of this? Not only does this industry already have a two black eyes, this will not make it better. I do understand that this needs to be addressed, and have these people actually used their heads, or just believed what they were told? The authorities need to be brought in on this, lets get the people who do this behind bars. I hope that this is the goal, not to just embarrass someone because they did not do something the way you would have. I am not sayin you specifically, but some of these people have come up with these stories because they failed, and now need an excuse on why. I can only hope that no one who actually is innocent is hurt in this.


Thanks for the comment Flipside. This is a problem that the authorities are already involved in. There are cases pending in court right now, this is just the beginning, it should have never been a problem to begin with. Nobody should feel like they are afraid at any job. Trucking is no different, but you just have not heard it mentioned as much.


Thanks Steve, yes a LOT has changed, some for the good and some for not so good. But, it must continue to change in order for it to get right…


Jason thanks so much for speaking up and telling your story, and I hope it inspires others to do the same.Unfortunately, it is only half the story.

We still have to investigate how these CDL mill companies peddle influence with regulators to keep putting the blame on drivers, etc, etc (ie Don at safety dept at Prime is on my list), and how they also attempt to influence politics and politicians.

But first immediate priority must be given to investigating Ron Corbett, an executive from CRST running for Mayor in Cedar Rapids, where his company is headquartered.

He is now a public figure an open to much harsher scrutiny and critique about his company’s class action lawsuit on Sexual Harassment allegations from female students in his firms training program. Initially these claims numbered over 200 descriptions of improper conduct and worse.

But even more important than that, we need to investigate the Judge in this case, and how the judge might be subject to any type of influence peddling, by the Mayor, if the Judge is appointed, or by campaign funds, if elected.

I have read some of the Judge’s legal phrasings and law interpretations, and it sounds very strange and odd to me the phrasing. For exa, only 5% are harassed, and that is a small percentage of total miles driven, etc. Incredibly it sounds like a bizzare legal cover up as well, but that is just a theory right now, more facts about influences have to be investigated and uncovered.

If these allegations and influences prove true at CRST, then I have no problem with CRST being sued out of existence and all necessary criminal law also being applied were necessary.

And if I could make only one constructive critique of all the almost non-existant coverage of the CRST case is that you never hear the names of the owner/s of this company and who there contacts and associates are in the town of Cedar Rapids are, if that is where they live. And what their other business interests are, this also is very imporrtant.

You also do not hear if the company is public or private. And if public, who the board menbers are, and what are their business and political associations.

We should also know the names of the top executives their titles and job descriptions are.

In cases like this it is certain the primary responsibility belongs to the owner of the company, and the true powers in charge,whoever that may be. Incredibly, we never hear this information.

Sometimes that is hard to tell. Take Schneider for instance. Most people think that their President runs the company; but, more likely it is the Schneider family member, who I think is the chairman of the board and part of the original family founding group who probably control the company through majority ownership of the company stock, if they are a public company. Often the President can be just a passing figurehead.

If you study the annual shareholders report, it usually has much of that information and other useful stuff for analysis.

Its time all citizens learned how to do real, values driven, critical reasoning for the benefit of all society and not leave it up to the executives to do it. If we do often all we get is increideble creative cover-ups, money making exploitative schemes, fairytale marketing explain-aways etc.

I call this exploitative capitalism, and if you want values driven capitalism, that benefits all of society, not just special interest and those with connections, then citizens have to learn how to do what I call empathetic, creative, critical reasoning and problem solving.

This so you you can uncover the true cause and effect connections and see through all the illogic and confuscation of all the bad actors that contribute to society’s various problems. Don’t leave it up to the executives to create the kind of society that you want.

My name is Damian, and if you do not know how to do critical reasoning and want to learn more see me on twitter. My username there is @a_smart_union


Thanks Damian for the comment. That is what makes blogs so nice, everybody can add something to it. So, I just wished a few more informed drivers would speak up, instead of the uninformed/misinformed ones. But, I will gladly answer to all of them.


Thanks for putting the word out about the upcoming shows. These are very serious matters that have been allowed to go on for too long. When one company has 265 filed complaints within a 2 year period . . . something is very wrong. Too many drivers do remain silent about these abuses within trucking, and choose not to say anything. I don’t understand that at all. It’s time to speak up …


I’d like to mention that Jason wrote this article after an incident where some online stalkers/bullies reared their heads again.

As we all know, there are people who will take 140 characters and fashion an extrodinary tale around it that is geared to what they want others to believe.

In Politics it is called “Push Polling” you do it to stir up doubt.

It does not have to be true, it’s purpose is for hatemongers who prey on people who are eager to jump on a bandwagon.

Jason was trying to prompt a womena to seek more information from a credible source.

He said some things off the cuff and the Woman who had already mis interpeted what she read about me , did the same about Jason.

It’s another example of why we all need to take responsibility for ourselves to find out what someone really said and really did.

Get of your high horses and read for yourself in it’s entirety not just a sentence or two with the skewed commentary from a nutjob, a moron, a hypocrite, a racist who have some personal agenda.

The fact is, the Woman, like a few others of late were used as a tool.

The result though was a very good observation by Jason that what trucking was and what it is now are different in some ways, but the same in the facts that Companies have found other ways to beat the system and leave drivers holding the bag.

Before, drivers were pushed to complete runs way beyond the limits of the human body and risk their lives.

Today, they use a method of “Indentured Servitude”, Intimidation thru a faulty DAC system, False sense of security by doing background checks through the FBI for Hazardous Materials and TWIC when the guidelines for these clearences are wide open for career criminals who have committed serious crimes.

All the while recruiting more Students who are entirely not appropriate to drive and keeping those who are in such a state of confusion from being manipulated thay don’t know where to turn for help.

Certainly there are organizations who will gladly take your money for memberships but why are these human rights issues not being addressed in our own country?

Why are Heavy Trucks more importent that human lives?


Thanks Desiree, for the comment. I want to answer your last question in your comment, and I can do it with one word.



Re: your story. Been there. Done that. Would not put details in writing or recording without guarantee of no charges being filed against me or any company I testified in or out of court against. Those statements can be held against you just like a log book.
Anyway, good luck with you fight. Your enemy (the government) deals from the bottom of the deck.


Thanks for the comment Keith. Yes, I know that I could be held liable for what I have said. But, I felt it was important for some to at least know what went on, and what is going on now. There was no other way to do this without telling my “Story”..I am prepared to face the choir if need be, to better this industry.



I witnessed (as it happened) the attack upon you and followed it tweet by tweet.

It was shameless attack and you definitely were “baited” with each message. It is, indeed, true that 140 characters are very easy to take out of context and to be shaped into something that can be manipulated into sensationalism, and that’s exactly what occurred. “Nice quotes for my Website” indeed!!

I’ve known you for only a short period of time but have found you to be a valued and credible source of information. I’ve also witnessed your intentions and judged them to be based upon some solid experience, wisdom of the industry, and that you are to be a trusted ally.

I also read the comments made by this single minded individual in reference to Desiree. Those disparaging remarks and judgments, were made within minutes before the assault on Jason. And isn’t it funny that Jason had just defended Desiree moments prior to HIS assault? Coincidence? I think not!

Immediately following the assault on Jason there were several remarks made by the attacker. Something to the effect of “My first argument on Twitter, it was exciting!”. Hmmmmmm

Keep up the good work, BOTH OF YOU! You are, in my humble opinion, sound and credible advocates of the trucking industry! You are BOTH part of the solutions, and should not be having to waste your valuable time responding to those that are part of the PROBLEMS!

BTW Jason, I apologize for being so busy in getting my Blog running that I’ve not been here before! Very nicely designed site! I’ll be coming back often. Same goes for you Desiree! Frankie says “WOOF”! I think he concurs.


Thanks Dennis for the words of confidence..I like a good “ole attack” every once in a while, keeps the blood flowing.


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