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Great West Truck Show 2009

Posted on : 28-06-2009 | By : Truckdriversnews | In : truck shows


Well, I guess this year’s Great West Truck Show in Las Vegas, NV is winding down. As the curtains close on that show, they are being readied to part again for the Dallas, TX show.

Our friend Trucker Desiree, was at this year’s show in Las Vegas, and she plans to attend the Dallas Show as well. From the pictures she sent it looks like she had a great time.

The Great West Truck Show ran from June 25 through June 27 of 2009. The Great West Truck Show (formerly known as the “Truck Show Las Vegas”) attracts more than 18,000 attendees and more than 400 exhibitors to Las Vegas each June. The GWTS is sponsored by the California Trucking Association and hosts both association and educational seminars.

One of the attractions at GWTS this year was the Overdrive’s Pride and Polish truck beauty competition.

For Information, or to register for Overdrive’s Pride and Polish Truck Beauty Competition, please call Diana Owens at (916) 708-0294 or visit www.prideandpolish.com. “Pride and Polish” is held annually at five venues across the country, including the Great West Truck Show.

Another attraction, at this year’s show, was Ol’Blue USA Our Ask The Law team was in our Safety Center™, along with troopers from the Nevada Highway Patrol and Texas Highway Patrol, to help drivers and fleets understand various pertinent laws at The Great West Truck Show, June 25th thru the 27th. You can visit www.SafetyTour.org/ to find out more about this and other Ol’ Blue, USA events.

Another attraction was just being in Las Vegas. With all the night life, casinos, and shows, I’m guessing it was like one big party from the get go. If you are going to be traveling to Las Vegas you can check out www.visitlasvegas.com.

The Midnight Trucking Radio Network, was on hand to add to the attractions. The summer of ‘09 is again shaping up to be another busy time for the Midnight Trucking Radio Network, hosted by; Eric Harley and Gary McNamara, as they plan their agenda. The Midnight Trucking Radio Network’s “Summertime Extravaganza” is an annual event. This event is centered around The Great West Truck Show, and the Walcott Jamboree at the Iowa 80 Truckstop – “The World’s Largest Truckstop”, in Walcott, IA. This year The Midnight Trucking Radio Network will host activities in Las Vegas, from June 25th-27th, and in Walcott, July 9th and 10th. For more information:  The Midnight Trucking Radio Network.

Even though this is a truck show, just who was supposed to be their audience? Could it be truck drivers?  It was reported that there was truck parking available across the street, but it was not easily accessible if you were in a Big Truck. Also, they were not allowing for any OVER NIGHT parking. I am guessing they did not get the desired number of drivers from over the road this year. Many drivers try to attend a few shows a year, but NEED A PLACE FOR OVER NIGHT PARKING.

Casinos should look at this as an opportunity to draw in business from all the truck drivers. They should provide complimentary bus or shuttle transportation to and from the Truck Show. Instead we are left to fend for ourselves and find a way to visit the truck show. Why, would a truck driver want to go to a show in Vegas only to have to fight their way to a truck parking place, go to the show, and then turn right back around and fight their way through the Las Vegas Strip traffic, only to have to find another place to park for the night?

I am sure “Vegas” is just like any other city that plays host to an event that potentially draws in hundreds of thousands of people. Stores, casinos, restaurants, and Hotels, more than likely raise the prices of everything. With a city already hurting from the economy, looks like they would just keep things a little cheaper to survive. According to one source, there were more exhibitors at the truck show than attendees. According to another source, there was one trucking company doing some recruiting. They had girls walking around half naked trying to drum up some recruits.

Sounds to me like the Vegas show might have been just a little “Trucker unfriendly” with the parking situation and all. They might want to think about moving it altogether, to a place that can provide ample parking.  I mean it is, after all, a Trucking show, so one would think they would want truck drivers to be accommodated so that they can attend the show.

We can only hope that the Great American Truck Show in Dallas, TX.  Aug.20-22 of 2009 will have ample parking. But, according to one source, the Dallas Show will probably not allow for any idling. If they DO allow over night parking. Keep in mind that Dallas has a no idle law. If I were planning on going to the Dallas show in August, I would make sure to call ahead to ENSURE that I would have a place to park and/or stay.

Trucker Desiree walked around the show for a couple of days talking to people and taking pictures of all the “cool trucks”.

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Yes Jason, you would think that there would be some better planning in order to accommodate the desired audience….TRUCKERS!

Donna and I are looking forward to being at the Dallas truck show and meeting many of our friends, subscribers, tweeple, trucking business and website owners, and our continually growing community of loyal trucking advocates!
We hope you are there as you meet the criteria for all of the above!!


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