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July 6th, 2009

Twitter Trucker Topics has had it’s Premier Blog Talk Radio show


A new Blog Talk Radio show made an appearance yesterday 07/05/09 Twitter Truckers and Topics. I am the host of this show, along side my Co-host, @TruckerDesiree from twitter. We, did our first show, and I thought we were in for total disaster, with 56 minutes left in the show. I had almost ran out of things to talk about, and then I saw we had a couple of callers who wanted to say something.

@TruckerDesiree, had sent me a skype message telling me that @max4health was on the line and wanted to say something. So, I thought well OK I don’t know the number she was calling in from and I had two callers so I just opened the first mic, and I said hello caller who is this?

Well, to my and @TruckerDesiree’s surprise it was Tim Hardendorf, who is Jason Rivenburg’s uncle. We had been talking about Jason’s Law and he called in to thank us for trying to help to get the word out. He went on to explain a few thing’s into great detail, of how things work in the Senate, and also what was needed to be done to continue to get co-sponsors signed onto this bill.

I mentioned, that one of my Senators I had talked to said they could not do anything to help because they were not on the committee. Hope Rivenburg (sent me an email telling me any member of Congress or Senate could co-sponsor H.R. 2156 and S.971 in the Senate). Then SilverSurfer_TX called in also and clarified some me things about the bill and what it will help to accomplish.

Then, with about 15 minutes left in the show (Turned out to be two hours long)  I noticed a number popped up that was the same area code as Tim Hardendorf, so I wanted to know who it was and it turned into our second surprise of the show. It was Hope Rivenburg calling into the show, she said she was listening and wanted to call in and thank everyone for what they were doing. Hope, also signed up for a twitter account as @Jasonslaw so if you want to show some support for this bill out least need to follow her.

We still need people to call there Senators and Representatives and explain to them the importance of this bill H.R. 2156, and S.ᚋ in the Senate. Please CONTACT YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS

Also, we announced that we were going to try to do this show once a week so keep updated with us on Twitter, and we will see you on the next show!

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