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DAC services and the lies they allow DAC services, do you know who this is? Well, you should, they are the corrupt company that allows people you worked for in the past to put FALSE reports and LIES on your DAC report that most companies...


Women in Trucking are Truck Drivers too First of all, in order to clear this up, I am not talking about the WIT  group (Women in Trucking) that's on the internet. I am, however, talking about the "Real Women" out here that drive up and down...


Great West Truck Show 2009 Well, I guess this year's Great West Truck Show in Las Vegas, NV is winding down. As the curtains close on that show, they are being readied to part again for the Dallas, TX show. Our friend Trucker...


Renegade Trucking Companies Then and Now I guess I need to clarify a few things, from a little small argument I was involved in on twitter today. I mentioned that I had done 6000 miles in a week, big deal. Now, it gets tweeted all over hell and...


The iPhone Trucker App ~ Got your's yet Allen, from www.askthetrucker.com is committed to helping everyone related in the trucking industry and beyond. Allen and his wife Donna are two of the nicest people I have met on Twitter. They literally...


NeoHydro Signs License Agreement for Green Interactive Hybrid System

Posted on : 10-07-2009 | By : Truckdriversnews | In : truck driver Industry


CALGARY, Alberta, Jul 09, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) —-NeoHydro Technologies Corp. (OTCBB:NHYT), is pleased to announce the signing of a license agreement for the Green Interactive Hybrid System(TM). This unique patented system is proven to cause an engine to operate with more efficiency, less fuel consumption, and increased horsepower. Significantly, the system is also fully compliant with President Obama’s recently announced plan to increase fuel efficiency, and enact more stringent standards on emissions on 2011 cars and trucks. The new regulations will require cars and light trucks to average 39 mpg and 30 mpg respectively, across a manufacturer’s range of vehicles, to be phased in by 2016.

To view the transcript of the announcement, please visit, http://tinyurl.com/oq4va9.

About NeoHydro Technologies Corp

NeoHydro Technology Inc. (www.neohydrotechnology.com) is traded under the symbol NHYT on the OTCBB exchange and is based in Calgary, Alberta. NeoHydro is a Technology Company focused on “Green” technologies in the automotive, transportation, power generation, and logistics industries, focused initially on the light and heavy-duty trucking industry. NeoHydro has licensed a unique patented turbo hybrid system. This revolutionary Green Interactive Hybrid System(TM) is proven to cause an engine to operate with less effort, less fuel consumption, and enhanced power. Advanced tuning methods significantly decrease harmful emissions.

Further information on the Company can be found at www.sec.gov and the company’s website at www.neohydrotechnology.com
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