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Cobra Announces Partnership with ProMiles and TruckDown On New Navigation System for the Professional Driver

Posted on : 21-07-2009 | By : Truckdrivernews | In : CB Radio, truck driver Industry


Professional Driver Navigation & Routing Device Available in September 2009

Cobra Electronics (Nasdaq: COBR) today announced a partnership with ProMiles(R) Software Development Corporation, in association with TruckDown Info International, Inc., in the development of a new navigation system specifically for the professional driver. With this agreement, ProMiles’ and TruckDown’s national database of vendor and professional driver-specific Points of Interest (POI) will be available in the new Cobra navigation unit.


Available in September 2009 at travel centers nationwide, the new Cobra navigation unit designed specifically for professional drivers will include ProMiles and TruckDown vendor locations and POI data. Important information such as routable travel center locations including an extensive list of travel center amenities, fueling stations, restaurants, heavy duty towing, truck repair, trailer shops, truck friendly hotels, welding and weigh scales to name a few will be available as part of the product.

“As a leader in the professional driver market, we want to provide drivers with the highest quality of products that aid them in their everyday business,” explained Tony Mirabelli, senior vice president of marketing and sales, Cobra Electronics. “With ProMiles, a leader in professional driver-specific data, we are providing drivers with the information they need to optimize their routes and get them to their destination the fastest and most profitable way possible.”

“The Cobra name is synonymous with quality among professional drivers,” said Tim Pilcher, president of ProMiles, “and we are looking to forward to working with Cobra on developing this new GPS unit and making drivers’ already tough job a little easier.”

The Cobra Professional navigation unit will be available for a sneak peek at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, TX at Cobra booth, #13098 and the ProMiles booth, #14065. For more information on this and other Cobra products, visit www.cobra.com. For more information on ProMiles news and information, visit www.promiles.com.

About Cobra Electronics

Cobra Electronics is a leading global designer and marketer of communication and navigation products, with a track record of delivering innovative and award-winning products. Building upon its leadership position in the GMRS/FRS two-way radio, radar detector and Citizens Band radio industries, Cobra identified new growth opportunities and has aggressively expanded into the marine market and has expanded its European operations. The Consumer Electronics Association, Forbes and Deloitte & Touche have all recently recognized Cobra for the company’s innovation and industry leadership. To learn more about Cobra Electronics, please visit the Cobra site at www.cobra.com.

About ProMiles

ProMiles Software Development Corporation (PSDC), based in Bridge City, Texas, develops various types of desktop (CD) and Web applications such as Route/Stop Optimization, Fuel Tax Reporting, Fuel Management and Fuel Purchase Optimization. Companies such as Penske, Werner, Old Dominion, Ryder, Dominos Pizza, Pepsi, AutoZone, Bridgestone/Firestone, PACCAR, Volvo, Wal-Mart, Ocean Spray, Bayer and US Postal Service have benefited from the use of ProMiles applications. ProMiles is also used by auditors in over 40 jurisdictions to verify log book, fuel tax and other data. For more information on ProMiles Software Development Corporation, visit www.ProMiles.com

About TruckDown

Since 1997 TruckDown Info International, Inc., has been compiling and maintaining a database of vendors that provide service to on highway fleets. Such services include heavy duty towing, tire service, truck repair, trailer repair, mobile repair, and many other services required to keep fleets rolling safely. User-friendly search access to this database is provided via www.TruckDown.com through standard Internet connections and wirelessly to web enabled cell phones and PDAs. Registered and Advanced TruckDown user accounts have been issued to thousands of fleets operating throughout the USA and Canada. Included with these user accounts are tools fleets use to identify preferred vendors, provide instant vendor feedback and/or update requests to TruckDown, manage their own user groups and request vendor additions as needed. Fleets can also call upon TruckDown’s professional verification staff to help them update their internal vendor contact databases. For vendors TruckDown provides the opportunity to showcase their services to fleets active in their service area, even if the fleet is based thousands of miles away. For more information on TruckDown please visit www.TruckDown.com.

SOURCE Cobra Electronics

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