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    45.7 Million Given For Bicycle Paths – Trucking Got 6 Million For Parking

    October 28, 2010 by Truckdrivernews · 5 Comments 

    I was going to write this article about the continued waste of money that has a flow rate out of Washington, D.C. like the dreaded “Montezuma’s revenge” that the US DOT is using to continue to buy votes for the Zero in the White house.

    But then I ran across something that simply amazes me – even more than the on-going waste of money on high-speed rail.

    The U.S. Department of Transportation gave out $600 million in grants for innovative transportation projects across the country that address economic, environmental and travel issues.

    Well, this would have been great if I had not seen where $45.7 million was given to AR, CA, IN, PA for bicycle and pedestrian paths.

    The US DOT only gave $6 million to five different states to “help” with the lack of truck parking. What gives?

    I know @RayLaHood gets hounded every day with messages about the lack of parking but won’t even address the issue. But, a city somewhere “cries” a couple of times that they need a bicycle path, and he breaks his neck to get to the “problem” as fast as he can.

    Heaven forbid that the US DOT would try to help out the number one “freight carrier” of all the transportation modes in the US. But watch them throw up another ridiculous rule because of some “accident” that happened that didn’t even involve a tractor trailer. But guess who gets these rules forced on them first?

    I mentioned earlier about the ongoing waste of money on high-speed rail, I figure I just as well get my thoughts in here on this too. LaHood is giving out money for this “gonna save us all” $10.4 billion to start high-speed rail “dream” that he and the Zero have. They “claim” this will fix the problem of all the traffic problems on the roads today.

    But according to the U.S. Department of Transportation, of the 600,905 bridges across the country as of December 2008, 72,868 (12.1%) were categorized as structurally deficient and 89,024 (14.8%) were categorized as functionally obsolete.

    So in this country we have 161,892 bridges that are either structurally deficient or closed out of the 600,905 bridge total. But high-speed rail is going to fix this?

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    5 Responses to “45.7 Million Given For Bicycle Paths – Trucking Got 6 Million For Parking”
    1. Doug Matthews says:

      That’s some Chinese arithmatic you’ve got going here friend. I’ve read the TIGER II grants and nearly all the news stories associated with this program. Where OH WHERE do you and/or your sources get 45.7 million for bike paths? Out of nearly 600 million, roughly 29 percent went for road projects, 26 percent for transit, 20 percent for rail projects, 16 percent for ports, FOUR PERCENT FOR BIKE AND PEDESTRIAN PROJECTS and five percent for planning projects. Now, the 47 million that Atlanta got for streetcars while bridges are crumbling, that’s something to complain about. But your headline is complete nonsense and a disservice to your readership.

      • Doug, Thanks for calling my math mistake out – I did make a huge mistake. I guess it is all that money being wasted that got me flustered. Its not $45,700,000.00 it is however $68,700,000.00 for the bicycle/pedestrian paths. But so it is not so hard on you to find it – here is the link that shows what the TIGER I-II money has been given for:

        When you go to this site you first see a map if you scroll there is a table that tells what the project is and how much of the grant money went to it – click on the first column at the top – this will take you to the bicycle/pedestrian part of the table.

        • Doug Matthews says:

          You’re still making a huge mistake, not that I didn’t either. The 600 million figure you mentioned in your post is from TIGER II grants alone, and only 25,500,000 of that figure are for bike/ped paths. You’ve included 43,500,000 from TIGER I into the figure. TIGER I totaled up to 1.5 billion dollars. Of course, I could go on and say that I can agree that “trucking” only got $6 million (for parking) from the chart you show, if I thought that trucks didn’t use bridges and roads. My first reply breakdown is accurate for TIGER II. Here’s TIGER I details:

          Anyway, I get flustered with most of it myself, but your header is still materially inaccurate in a huge way. And, since we all are going to be living pretty much a “Chinese” standard of living in the future, we might as well get used to it and start peddling…

        • Doug Matthews says:

          TIGER II grants totaled $600 million. Bike/ped paths only account for $25,200.000 of that figure. You’ve included 43,500,000 from TIGER I grants from last February into your figure without mentioning that TIGER I grants were of the order of $1.5 billions dollars. Reading between your copy and post, it is misleading. You said 47 mil (now 68 mil!) out of 600 mil and it’s not accurate. Hey, I understand the flustration ;-) but I don’t try to make things worse than they already are..,

          I could agree with the $6 million for truckers (parking) if only they didn’t used roads and bridges. I won’t break it down, but California got $130 million for just one road and bridge project alone (under TIGER I). Your readers and followers can be the judges if this reflects what truckers actually got out of it.

          • Okay Doug, So I added monies from both grants – it really makes no difference which grant was for which bicycle path. The whole point of this post was to show that trucking got $6 million – not from either grants I might add – to help with the problem of parking to be spread over 5 different states.

            Whether it was $47 million or $68 million it was used in 4 states for bicycle/pedestrian paths – during the same time period.

            So I guess the only thing to do is to agree to disagree with you on this matter.


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