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This game is great, I have been playing it since around November. I am a real truck driver, and Trukz is almost as real as it gets. You, simply join up and register at Trukz it is free. Create your driver, you can give your driver a unique name, or use your own name as long as it is not already in use (the game will let you know if it is used already).

You, will need to give your driver a home city a place the driver can start off from. My suggestion is somewhere in the southwest, as most of the “higher paying freight” seems to be located in the Southwest. This will also act as a (terminal) for your driver, meaning you can get fuel and repair here costing you no Fatigue Points I will explain this later. Once the driver is created, you will notice you have $5500.00 in your pocket/bank. This is for purchasing a truck and items needed to be successful in this game.

Next up, the game will tell you to purchase a truck. Well, DON’T we will come back to this part in a minute. The reason I say don’t buy a truck yet is, the started trucks they offer you are junk. There are some options to be able to get more money. There is the bank, you can take a loan for $1000.00 this would give you $6500.00 to buy a truck with. There is also the option Trukz gives you, you can add a link to your own website, and Trukz will give you an extra $1000.00 if approved. This option takes up to 48 hours, but usually it is within 24 hours. But, will give you $7500.00 to buy a truck with. The best option if you can wait for it, is to take out 3 loans of $1000.00 each (this is the maximum limit for beginners) plus the link offer, but would/could take up to 5 days, but you would have $9500.00 to buy a decent truck with. You can also make a donation to Trukz, and they intern will give you Trukz money also. The donation should be instant, but might take 24 hours to complete.

The best starter truck in Trukz in my opinion is the 1989 Volvo WIA64T, the game default price is $6100.00 but with a company discount it is $5490.00. Company, you say? Yea, thats right, this brings us to our next step before purchasing a truck.

Once, you have registered and you have taken out your loan. Then go back to view driver page, you will notice a pm in box, by now this probably has 8 or 10 pm’s in it. These are from company recruiters trying to get you to join their company. They all have a very unique “recruiting letter” this is where a decision needs to be made. You, can either join a company and get discounts on items purchased including trucks (if they offer this). Or, you can decide to become a Owner Operator where you will not receive any discounts and not be able to run contract loads for “big bucks”).

My, suggestion is to become part of a company who has all the discounts available. But check out all your pm’s before making a choice. Actually test drive a few companies and see which one does your driver justice. My other suggestion would be to click the link located in the pm, and look at the company to see if they are running any contract freight. Contract freight makes you A LOT more money than just regular “Hot Loads”.

OK, so you have joined a company wait to be excepted usually it is instant. Once you have been excepted, NOW you can purchase a truck. Use the company discount and save some money. Starting out you will need to save as much as possible. Ok, now you will need to go to the purchase items page. You need a CB Radio as soon as possible, this is a must because you get quick answers to questions, about the game from your companies CB Radio channel.

Once this has been bought, then go to your companies channel and ask for a HR manager or anybody in Management. Usually you will receive another pm after being accepted telling you a suggested route for you to begin with. Pay heed to what is in your pm..most of the guys in management have been playing the game for a while, they do know what they are doing.

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