A Simple Fix For a Couple Of Trucking Problems


I saw a post earlier today on LandLine Now’s blog. It was titled “a solution to idling laws” and it was from a driver that said a simple solution was to make the truck makers add apu’s when they build the truck – simple solution – right?

Well, there could be a couple of simple fix’s to a couple of problems in the trucking industry. The problem is that if these simple fix’s were implemented then there would be no money for these states – for fines for these nonsensical laws that have been imposed upon truck drivers i.e., no texting, no idling.

Why do I call these two laws absurd? If a truck driver is “caught” texting while driving the commercial vehicle the fine can be up to $2,750 for the driver and up to $11,000 for the carrier. A little steep don’t you think? If the fine was not severe enough, under the rule, texting while driving for commercial driver does become part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s list of serious violations that count against a driver’s CDL. In addition, texting while driving carries a 10-point severity weight rating and is a driver responsible offense in CSA 2010.

Now, text messaging is banned for ALL DRIVERS in 30 states and the District of Columbia, but the fines and penalties imposed by states are NO WHERE near what it is for a commercial vehicle driver. Here you can see updated laws about cell phones and text messaging.

Simple fix for this? Go after the cell phone people and make them fix the phones so they will not operate while a vehicle is moving. Simple yes, but not practical to the money hungry thieves that think these ludicrous laws up.

Next up is the one that I find to be a inhumane law. No idling for commercial vehicles. It would be inhumane, if the place where you lived, enacted laws that read, you must turn your electric off in your home for 10 hours after 14 hours per day – wouldn’t it?

Same difference to a truck driver, the truck is their “home,” but these drivers are forced to try and sleep on their federally mandated 10 hour break in their “homes” with no heat and or any air conditioning – simply inhumane. Fines are somewhere around $300.00 for over FIVE minutes of idling while trying to sleep – simply inhumane. A simple fix would be for the truck makers to include apu’s on all trucks made. Problem with that is if the apu is diesel then there is restrictions placed on that as well.

There are a few other ridiculous laws that these money hungry thieves have, and I am sure there will be more in the future. I would just like to see everyone have to go by the same rules that are forced upon truck drivers and see how long the rules last. For the most up-to-date idling laws go here.

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3 Responses to A Simple Fix For a Couple Of Trucking Problems

  1. Chain-Breaker says:

    I do agree with the texting ban, however I do think the fine is too steep. As far as the idiling laws go, they need to do away with those. I was in upstate NY a few years ago and a police officer came around knocking on our doors telling us to shut our trucks off. Now, it was night,twenty-two degrees and snowing like crazy. Now that was just absurd. How would the cop like it if I came by his house while he was sleeping, knock on his door and tell him to shut his heat off during a snowstorm? One way we could reduce emissions is by switching power plants from coal to a different power source. But coal companies give more money to Washington D.C. than trucking companies do. Can you tell this is a sore point with me? LOL.

  2. john ashley says:

    i say the simple way is dont take nothing to ny untill the idle law is changed or any other bogus law then go to the next state and do the same one at a time

  3. Robert Burns Wadley says:

    I agree with the idea of discontinuing trucking into states with offensive and oppressive trucking laws and regulations. If all truckers would support one another in this, it should not take very long to get these states to face reality. However, the reality is that most truckers seem to be more “talkers” than “doers.” If they would support these “actions,” the problems would be dealt with quickly. No state can have business as usual without an unceasing flow of trucked in goods.

    Those long “skirts” under California trailers are a needless expense. If an auto driver wants to be protected because he is distracted and may drift under a trailer, collect fees from auto drivers to pay for those skirts. Otherwise, let them be responsible drivers.

    However, I cannot overlook that I see many drivers make dangerous movements that threaten all of the public because they are too dense to take the time to be sure their rig is tracking well and endangering no one.


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