Alabama Pedestrian Dies In Elkton


A young Alabama man lost his life in Elkton early today. Authorities say that the victim was a pedestrian and was struck and killed by a vehicle that left the scene.

According to dispatchers at the Tennessee Highway Patrol Office in Lawrenceburg, troopers received the call around 1:40 this morning. The accident occurred on Highway 31-South in Elkton near Davids Mini Market.

Twenty year old Christopher Aaron Michaels of Huntsville died at the scene. A search continues for the vehicle involved, believed to be a tractor trailer truck.

Sergeant Alan Chapman and other investigators with the Tennessee Highway Patrol continue their investigation.

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4 Responses to Alabama Pedestrian Dies In Elkton

  1. ARealRedneck says:

    My condolences to you and your family..I removed your phone number for security reasons..

  2. Allan Michaels says:

    Christopher Aaron Michaels is my little brother. If anyone has more information, I ask you to please contact me.

    -Allan Michaels

    Edit by admin: I have removed your phone number for security reasons..if they want to contact you they can by e-mail.

    • Donna McCormick says:

      I am Christopher Michaels mom and today it has been three months since the death of my son. I miss him more than anyone could ever know. Chris was a sweet, kind, and wonderful son, brother and friend. I am asking the person that struck Chris to ask yourself “how does his mother feel”. Someone somewhere knows something about this accident. The truck that struck him had to have repairs I’m sure, so please if you know any little bit of information contact the Tenn. Highway Patrol.

  3. Megan Dayvolt says:

    Chris Michaels is my little cousin and he is missed very much by our family. Any information on this accident would be very helpful. Knowing that there is someone out there that is withholding information on this is frieghtening. If you are a parent just know that this could be you grieving for yor child. Please if you have any information about the morning of May 8, 2009 call Tenn Hwy Patrol.~I love you Chris~


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