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    Alert – My ‘BS’ Detector is Overloaded

    May 27, 2010 by Truckdrivernews · 1 Comment 

    I swear this year has really overloaded my built-in ‘BS’ detector. From the lies of Obama and Ray LaHood. And the bad part is, the year is not even half over yet. I want a government bail-out to replace my ‘BS’ detector.

    I was going to start this article by talking about the movie “How to Lose a Guy in 10 days”. They play a card game in that movie called “BS.” I thought this was a made up card game, but thanks to my wife and the World Wide Web, I found out that is a real card game. It seems this administration is playing this game as well, only they are playing it in real life.

    The first time I called BS was when Obama was elected and it has been said oodles of times since then. My hosting won’t allow enough room to write all the BS Obama has spread, so I am going to just post a few good ones so far.

    The very first one I found was this, In nominating Ray LaHood as the US Secretary of Transportation, Obama said: “Few understand our infrastructure challenge better than the outstanding public servant that I’m asking to lead the Department of Transportation.” I call BS! What you did Obama, was appoint a puppet. All LaHood is worried about is distracted driving and I have called BS on that several times already.

    I must be from the “show me state” because I have not seen any proof that sending and reading text or email messages on a mobile device is a problem with truck drivers. Where is the proof Lahood?

    Health care reform – from a truck drivers point of view. Some trucking companies and owner-operators cannot afford to take/offer any health care of their choice. But Obama’s health care plan is supposed to allow everyone to have affordable health insurance? I call BS! As it will penalize a person if they don’t have health insurance. How can they afford to pay a penalty – when they can’t afford health insurance now?

    What I really don’t understand about this administration is why do they waste so much money? It’s almost a daily episode of a few billion dollars here and a few billion dollars there, and then when they failed to come into an agreement to extend the Highway Trust Fund and had to furlough about 2,000 employees for a couple of days. But as soon as they came back to work a few hundred billion dollars was wasted on so-called needed infrastructure projects, in state parks?

    Plus billions of dollars have gone to mass transit, Mainly buses in different cities throughout the US. But most transit authority workers are union. Why are we giving money to unions? They are way overpaid for what little they do. I wonder why they are going broke? Must be because bus drivers in certain cities can make over $100K per year!

    This administration is wasting money because they believe they can just print more up. I believe that is another BS because who is going to pay for the “new money” the US doesn’t have? It’s evident that jobs NEED to be created to pay for all the BS this administration is dreaming up.

    Now onto “illegal immigration” how can Obama have any other stand but to be against the law Arizona enacted? I mean if other states adopted it, he (Obama) might get deported. Or at least made to show his real birth certificate. Obama and top members of his administration have said they disapprove of Arizona’s law (without ever reading it!) and the Justice Department is weighing civil action against the state.

    The “president” would not condemn boycotts of the state over its law, saying it is for private citizens to decide, not the president of the United States. That is code in my book for, “yes I am boycotting Arizona.”

    “You know, I’m the president of the United States. I don’t endorse boycotts or not endorse boycotts,” 0 said. “What my administration is doing is examining very closely this Arizona law and its implications for the civil rights and civil liberties of the people in Arizona, as well as the concern that you start getting a patchwork of 50 different immigration laws around the country in an area that is inherently the job of the federal government.”

    What? If the people of Arizona or any other state are here legally they have nothing to worry about.

    Don’t worry, as a good friend from Colorado keeps telling me, “They make it too easy” (to call BS). So I will most-likely revisit this type of article a few more times this year.

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    One Response to “Alert – My ‘BS’ Detector is Overloaded”
    1. Asia Reeves says:

      Let me get this straight. Obama can’t condemn boycotts of the state for the Arizona Immigration Bill, but he CAN condemn the Cambridge Police and say they acted “stupidly” for arresting professor Gates…WHO DESERVED TO BE ARRESTED? What a hypocrite. Your take on LaHood is also correct. He is, indeed, a puppet. It’s amazing how well you keep up.


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