Ambulance Chasing Lawyer Portrays Trucker as Killer


These so-called kind of “lawyers” really irritate me. Yes, I am talking about all of those ambulance chasers out there. It’s bad enough when there is an accident, but then we have to read that truckers are killers too. What the hell is your problem Mr. Brett Emison? Is business that bad that you have to write this garbage, and fill it full of lies to try to get money to go off on your weekend golf retreat?

Google has ruined real news reporting by allowing these jokers to write these lies to try and drum up some business. “Kirksville, MO Man Killed When Run Down By Tractor Trailer” wow sounds like the trucker actually was meaning to hit this guys bicycle. In Mr. Brett Emison’s “trashy” article his first paragraph he states himself that news reports say that the man was riding his bicycle and was run down by a tractor trailer. But when you read the news article that Mr. ambulance chaser copied into his own article you learn that in fact the tractor trailer didn’t “run” the bicyclist down, but unfortunately did collide with the bicycle which was also going the same direction as the tractor trailer. Also, Mr. Emison neglects to mention in his writing that the time of the accident was 2:09AM.

Then he writes “Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who knew the victim.” But his next sentence really gets to me. “Avoidable trucking crashes like these need to stop.” While I do agree that accidents are bad, and that “Avoidable accidents” do need to stop. I don’t agree that an ambulance chasing lawyer has already blamed the truck driver. How can this “lawyer” already put blame on the trucker? The victim was killed, and the original news article says it is still being investigated.

Crashes like these do not have to happen and are often preventable through the use of simple precautions, such as avoiding distractions while driving and ensuring that all equipment is in proper working condition. It is up to all of us to make sure trucking companies and truck drivers put safety first

How do you Mr. Brett Emison know exactly what happened? It could be that the time of the accident (It was dark) and the fact that the bicycle was traveling the same direction played a big part of this accident. Or maybe the bicyclist veered in front of the truck, I don’t know I was not there and neither were you.

I know I am just beating a dead horse here by complaining, but it really pisses me off. I intend to write Google and express my concern about these types of “lawyers” being allowed to post articles like this one. I’m also not linking the article, you can search on Google news for it.

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One Response to Ambulance Chasing Lawyer Portrays Trucker as Killer

  1. Brett says:

    TruckDriverNews — Your post just came to my attention (which is the reason for the delay in my response). If your readers are truly interested, they can read the original article and the comments that follow at Some of the comments were very similar to your own post (perhaps they were even left by you).

    As I said in comments to my own post, the information and substance of my post is absolutely accurate. However, I agree with you that there are appropriate questions to be raised from the incident that were not contained in the news reports. Those questions include the questions I raised. It also includes the questions you raised about the bicyclist.

    That said, the fact remains that people operating motor vehicles — whether the vehicle is a moped, a 4-wheeler or an 18-wheeler — must exercise the highest degree of care, which includes paying careful attention and leaving enough room to avoid collisions… even collisions with bicycles.

    As to your personal comments towards me… that is unfortunate. Name calling and mudslinging have no place in civil discourse. Such conduct belittles the speaker, not the target.

    If you look at the vast majority of my posts, I think you’ll find that we agree on most areas:

    - the vast majority of truck drivers are careful professionals who focus on safety
    - there are a few bad apples (truck drivers and trucking companies) that give the good drivers a bad name
    - all motorists (18-wheelers and 4-wheelers) should make safety the 1st priority
    - truck drivers should be qualified and properly trained to drive a semi truck
    - trucking companies should not pressure or force drivers to drive too far, too long or too fast
    - trucking companies should stop putting all of the risk of traffic delays and mechanical breakdown on the truck driver (because companies pay by the mile rather than by the hour)

    I think we would agree on each of those points (and likely even more). I hope we can someday engage in a civil discussion of these important safety issues with resorting to personal attacks.


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