An End to a Truckers’ Career


A young man had a dream after a year of being married and trying to support his new family, it turned out that his job as an EMT was no longer sufficiently supporting his new family. So he set out in search of a new career, he had already been a poor farmer for years before, and then he was an EMT saving lives. But it came to an end after almost a year of marriage, and something had to change.

After doing the normal searches, of going to the unemployment office, he read in a newspaper one evening something that would change his life forever. He made the call and was received and started truck driving school. Back then schools were few and far between not like today. He had to travel to another state in order to obtain his CDL to end a dream of becoming a truck driver.

No, it was not in his blood nor in his family, but he had decided that trucking was what he wanted to do, and to make a new career and a better life for his family. A three week course he underwent and graduated at the top of his class, and he picked a company to start working for. Yes, of course it was a bad choice and he lasted up until December of 96′ and he quit. With merely three months of driving under his belt he quit his dream.

Once home he began searching for another job, and read about a local job just a few miles from his home. He applied and was accepted. It was a job driving a dilapidated old International cab over pulling an even older 40 foot Benson dump trailer, hauling rock, sand, coal, salt, and anything else that could be dumped. It was the beginning of his career. The only training that he had was, being handed the keys and told to show up at a rock quarry and to have the loader operator to load 40 tons of rock on his trailer, and then to drive this load to its destination. I guess the owner figured if the young man survived the day and did not kill anyone including himself, driving the crooked roads of southern Ohio and northern Kentucky, then he would be just fine.

Even though he had been diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea, he underwent the surgeries to have this corrected. Then, he also underwent a surgery on his left ear that year in which he lost his hearing. But he continued to work.

The young man survived for two more years until the company closed, and he was again forced to seek other employment, and again he found yet another driving job. In the next few years he had several more driving jobs, and was experienced in several different types of driving positions. The year 2004 started as bad year, as he was involved in a horrendous crash with 27 other vehicles. This would be the start of the end of his trucking career.

In 2005 the young man was again hurt when the hood of a truck slammed into his head and neck and back putting him off work for two years, and left him wondering if he would ever drive another truck, as he could barely walk. After the company he had worked for, at the time of his severe injury nearly bankrupted him, he had to make a decision to return to work forcing himself to endure the pain. But only to have another injury in 2009 that would unknowingly end his career as a truck driver.

July 1st, 2009 marked the end of his truck driving career. He had fought long and hard to survive and was doing fairly well, but upon request of the company he had worked at for him to get a physical to be able to return to work. He failed his physical because of the hearing loss, and because the company had added a few extras that he no longer could physically do.

March 27th, 2010 by order of a “law judge” in good standing in the Commonwealth of Kentucky he was hereby ordered to never return to operating a tractor trailer, or any vehicle that a CDL was required to have in order to drive it legally.

Just so all you brothers and sisters out on the road know, even though I am no longer out on the road with you, I am here for support, and will be fighting right alongside of you trying to better the trucking industry. Be safe out there and remember I am, but a phone call, email or a message through Twitter or Facebook away.

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