Arrow Trucking Company calls it quits overnight


Well, it looks as if Oklahoma based Arrow Trucking has suspended operations overnight.

In the report seen on a news site, an announcement will be made this afternoon. The way they suspended operations is really going to put some of their drivers in a big bind, with the holidays just around the corner.

It was reported that Arrow shut their fuel cards off, and left some drivers stranded around the country.

Why would a trucking company just up and cease operations? The owners should have known about this months ago. A company does not just close down over night. At the least Arrow should have given its drivers a chance to get back to a terminal and park the trucks. Stranding drivers is NOT a good business practice. Did the owners get stranded too? I doubt if they did, I think if they were going to strand their drivers then the owners should have been stranded as well.

The official announcement has not been made yet. But Arrow is supposed to make an announcement later today. Five or six tow trucks sitting outside the gate suggest that Arrow is closing. Some people think that drivers should have been warned. Well, I do too, but it is not going to happen that way ever. If a company warned its employees they were closing, how many employees would be working?

Zero employees would be working if the company made the announcement early. The workers would be out getting other jobs before they lost the one provided for them. Hopefully, these employees can get unemployment or some kind of compensation started or maybe even a better job.

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3 Responses to Arrow Trucking Company calls it quits overnight

  1. BTJohnson83 says:

    Typical example of how the higher ups of “big companies” dont care about the working man.

  2. James "Tex" says:

    I agree with Mr. Johnson. It just doesn’t pass the smell test. I may have to film my thoughts on this matter at submit it to YouTube. Current events, news items etc are not my forte but this one has me bothered…and disgusted.

  3. Gary Chesser says:

    I voluntarily left Arrow a few years ago because I did not want to tarp any more loads in snowstorms for a while. I missed Arrrow for years after that and still consider Arrow as my “home” because when I was there I was treated fairly, paid well and drove a good truck. It breaks my heart to hear this news of how low the company has sunk and I am actually furious with the company management. I just wished there was something constructive that I could do for all the drivers and mechanics other than wish them luck and better jobs in the future.


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